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A week on the ranch (April 27 - May 3)

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by , 05-04-2009 at 01:08 AM (1062 Views)
A productive week, overall. I worked on my garden beds and planted quite a few veggies, so I feel as if I have a good head start toward relying on my own resources this spring, at least as far as veggies/fruits are concerned. I missed out on bare root walnut trees and on potatoes, but got most of the other things I wanted to plant in the ground. I'm also eyeing covetously an olive tree at the nursery down the road. The local farmers' markets fire up this week, so I'll be buying local produce to keep me going until my own plants catch up.

The weather has been odd. Sunny but cool, most of the week, then it started to drizzle on Friday, and it still hasn't stopped.

I was supposed to be hopping on a plane tomorrow, on my way to Arizona for a conference, but the conference was cancelled at the eleventh hour because of the pandemic formerly known as the swine flu! I guess someone finally figured out that it wasn't wise to bring people from all over the world together to meet American people from all over the country, in a state bordering Mexico, and then to send them all back home again. So I am suddenly facing a work week that hasn't already been planned out almost a month in advance! It feels kind of liberating, but also kind of disturbing, as if I may waste it because I didn't spend time filling in all the holes.

Colton Bunny finished his meds this week, and I am hoping we don't have to do anything else to him in the near future. I'm amazed he doesn't bite me when I pick him up now! Instead, he is a sweetheart of a bun, tolerating me and sometimes allowing himself to enjoy my constant fussing about around him. Polly Bunny continues in her entitled state, and she will leave the room if I bring Colton into it.

Needlework-wise, I am working on my felted purse and my wrap this week. The purse is quite a project. I am doing a patchwork bag, and I have yarn stringing all over the place!! Definitely not the kind of project you can take with you. And the wrap has such a complicated pattern, I keep forgetting where I am if I don't refer back to the paperwork. I need to find a good project that I can work on while on the road.

In the culinary field, I made flour tortillas from scratch for the first time this week! They were exceptionally easy to make and VERY tasty! Definitely a keeper recipe, and I don't see myself buying commercial tortillas in the near future. (I do have to figure out what to do with the mega-pack of flour tortillas currently sitting in my freezer.) I also tried out crockpot mac and cheese (mediocre) and pressure cooker pizza potatoes (good in a comfort-food sort of way) and am currently enjoying the fragrance of vegetable soup coming to fruition on my stove top. To round it all out, I made pineapple upside down cake in a cast iron skillet tonight. Just call me Laura Ingalls.

Rubber-banding right up into the 21st century, I played on Twitter a bit today, and I think I've finally figured it out, so I've been posting my progress today as I go along (Really exciting tweets like, "Laundry almost done," and "Cleaning out fridge").

I made great progress toward my project of the month (getting all my refrigerators cleaned out) today, and I also made some incremental progress toward my skill of the month (improve my vermicomposting ability). My other monthly goals are still sitting dormant, waiting for the ground to warm up enough for them to take root. But the month is young, and I am going to make a concerted effort to get ALL my goals met this time around. Time will tell, but I am optimistic.

Well, that is it for the ranch this week. The ruminants are enjoying the new green growth that the rain is encouraging. The dogs are enjoying my prolonged visits with them, now that the garden beds are in their run. The baby chickens aren't looking much like babies anymore. We all made it through another week, and we have a new and exciting week ahead of us, full of possibilities. I hope to fully appreciate each and every day of it, and I hope the same for those of you who took the time to read this far!

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  1. mauimagic's Avatar
    Well, Laura, I'd say you've had a mighty fine week on the farm!! Looking forward to hearing what you're doing with your liberated next week!! Take care.
  2. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Yes, Laura. What is next?

    Sounds like a great week at the ranch. You really move along at your own pace and when you retire, all will be mature and developed so you can really enjoy the fruits of your labor all these years. Good for you!