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A week on the ranch (May 18 - May 24, 2009)

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by , 05-26-2009 at 01:08 AM (941 Views)
A little late posting to my blog this week. Today is actually Monday, but I'll try to confine it to the appropriate week.

Rudy the Roo is still on his medication, and the new dosage of Baytril seems to be doing the trick. As he gets to feeling better and better, he is getting harder and harder to catch! Last night, Chester and Kracker (two more of my roosters) decided to have a dueling banjo crow-off at about 1 am. I went stumbling out, flashlight in one hand, gun in the other, and when I got to the coop, they just looked at me, as if *I* had disturbed *THEIR* rest! Then they resumed their crowing, neither one willing to let the other get the last word.

Weird weather this week, with summer being interrupted by two days of cold weather, when I actually had to break my sweatshirts out of storage.

With spring comes the bugs. The flies are starting to show up full-force, which means I'll be having to chase donkeys to get masks and leg coverings on them. If I don't put the coverings on, the flies just torment the poor donks. The flies don't really bother the goats or the dogs, just the donkeys.

And more bugs. Doing laundry on Sunday, I reached down to pick up a shirt and felt a stabbing pain in the palm of my hand. Sure enough, I had grabbed a wasp. So my left hand is a little swollen right now, and it itches like mad. The wasps show up when the weather warms up, and I don't know how or why, but I usually end up with one or two in the house weekly during "wasp season." Usually, I just trap them and release them outside, but every once in a while, our paths cross, and I end up stepping on one or grabbing one by accident, and I get stung for my trouble. I read a book about bee-keeping a couple of months ago, and the author stated that after being stung several times, you develop an immunity to it. I think I'm becoming immune to wasp stings. Initially, if I got stung in the hand, my hand would swell so badly, I would not be able to make a fist. Now, I can't even see the lump. It just itches and looks kind of like a big mosquito bite right at the site.

I have started a gardening blog here in FV, to keep track of what is growing and when. Because I typically post to this blog on Sunday, I am trying to post to the gardening blog on Saturdays. My fruit trees are promising right now, so I took some pictures of those. I will try, each week, to take a pic or two of note-worthy moments, so that next year, I can refer back to my blog to see when things happened.

I've been doing well with my exercising. I have picked up my running again, and I'm up to two miles. Not quite the 5.5 I used to be able to run, but I'm making progress!

Chewy Dog went to the groomer this week, and he seems MUCH more comfortable, now that his log shaggy winter coat is gone. I found a few burrs sticking in him under all that undercoat, but he wasn't as bad as I feared. Now that he has lost about five pounds of fur, he is running around like a puppy again, happy to be rid of that annoying matted coat.

I met my May baking challenge on Sunday, squeaking in just under the wire with baklava. Very easy to make, but time-consuming because you have to brush each sheet of pastry with butter. I have found with most of the challenges that I complete, that the worst part is getting started! I trick myself into thinking how hard it is going to be, then I am amazed when it all goes simply.

Work is crazy busy again, and it promises to continue to be so this week, as I have a number of things that I'm working on, with the intention of completing them later this week. I sometimes wonder how I'm going to make it another ten years before I'm eligible to retire!! I am eagerly anticipating having my life back, and being able to plan my days around what I want to do, rather than on what someone else thinks is important. I'll probably be even busier, when I retire, than I am now, but it will be doing all the things I love!

Tadpoles!!! The fish pond is FULL of them!! And the little guys (and gals) know when it is feeding time. As soon as I toss the food in, they go into a frenzy every bit as frenetic as the fish, latching on to the bits of food and somehow avoiding being accidentally slurped up by the goldfish! I am a big fan of frogs, and I am excited that they've deemed my little pond as a worthy place to lay their eggs.

I've been playing around with Twitter. I am following about seven people, including some of my favourite personalities. (Some of my favourite personalities are too "stick in the mud" to tweet, but most of them are "hip" enough to at least hire someone to pretend to be them.) I don't post a tweet very often. I have more fun reading everyone else's tweets. One of them is a little bit x-rated in his tweets, but the rest of them are well-mannered enough.

Watched Michael Moore's "Sicko" on t.v. this weekend. Very sad, the state of health care in this country. If even half of what he says is true, we really need to get the insurance companies back under control. I remember, when my father was dying of cancer, my mother having to get all his treatments pre-approved by Blue Cross, and having to argue with the insurance company over really stupidly obvious things that he needed. When I had Kaiser, it was the same. I had to almost stage a sit-in to get beyond a general practitioner, although once I broke through THAT brick wall, their specialists were great.

Okay, I am starting to ramble now, so I'm off to bed to get some sleep, to hit the week running tomorrow morning!

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  1. mauimagic's Avatar
    What an interesting post. Mahalo for the update on rudy - caused me a wonderful belly laugh!! Your farm and all its inhabitants are doing soooo well.... and so are you!! Have a great week!!
  2. IndigoMom's Avatar
    I'm glad to hear that Rudy is doing better. If he keeps this up, you'll be running much farther in no time - you'll have to to get that last dose into him! Those roosters of yours, what a wake up call! I hope they don't make a habit of that midnight chatting.
  3. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    I am glad that Rudy is alot better and the Chewy is happy being hairless. I love reading your week on the ranch posts. They are very enjoyable.

    Poor donkeys! I always felt sorry for the cows in the pasture being tortured by the flies so I can imagine what it is like for your donks.

    I too love frogs and we have a ton of them around us. I find it so soothing to fall asleep at night hearing them sing their songs.