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05/27/2009 - P.H.A.T. Chick Journal

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by , 05-28-2009 at 01:01 AM (1136 Views)
Another frantic day, so about 5 minutes on the bike this morning, and that was it.

Diet. Two cups of coffee and a yogurt with granola. Beef chili in a bread bowl for lunch. One cookie. Two cups of coffee in the afternoon to ensure I didn't fall face down on my desk. Two cups of yogurt with granola when I got home. Soymilk smoothie.

Water. About 6 glasses.

Overall, C-. Off to go to bed, as I have to get up at 3:00 am tomorrow to be on the road.

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  1. IndigoMom's Avatar
    At least a C+ considering you didn't even really get a full day for having to prepare for an obviously overly long day today! And no cutting yourself short because you were in a car for hours and hours then didn't walk 6 miles afterwords! I think you're doing wonderful fitting a healthier lifestyle into your very busy life. Even a little step foward is a step in the right direction, and you're always sure to take a couple every day.
    Have a good day!
  2. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Not much food getting into your body to compensate for all you frantic rushing around.

    I hope you get some rest soon.