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A week on the ranch (May 25 - May 31)

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by , 06-01-2009 at 09:41 AM (1193 Views)
Wow, I can tell it has been a rough week when my activity level "status" on FV goes from 100% to 81%!!

Crazy, crazy, crazy at work, culminating in me driving up north several hours in the dark of morning to assist in three searches, and not getting home until the sun was down that night. The next day, Friday, was the inevitable clean-up day, so again, home at 8:30pm. I have never so looked forward to a weekend!!

On the ranch, life went on without me. The tadpoles in the pond are a little bigger; I have baby vegetables on most of my plants; and as long I got their breakfast to them on time, the parrots didn't seemed to notice my absence.

Nice weather this week - a few hot days, but mostly mild and exactly what one would hope for from spring. I know the hot dog days of summer are coming, so I'm enjoying every day that I wake up and think, "Wow, it's kind of chilly today!"

I stopped off at my craft booth and talked to the store owner for a bit. She is planning on starting a weekly outdoor garage, craft, flea, thift market event every Saturday, starting June 6th. She is giving the vendors an option to have a space for free, so I snapped it up. I had just been thinking that I would like to do a garage sale, but I live so far off the beaten track, I think most people would turn around and retreat in fear before they ever reached my home!!

I spent much of Sunday getting a head start on my June project: getting the deck and around the outside of the house cleaned up. I found a box of bird feeders that my sister gave me, and I hung them all. Then I filled them with various seeds that I had about. (One advantage of having finches, parakeets, parrots, and chickens is that you tend to have a variety of seeds around.) I was thrilled to see that the new feeders have attracted a new bird: not sure what he is yet. Thought he was a tanager, but he doesn't exactly look like one. Kind of like a cross between a tanager and an oriole. Research time!!

Also saw my first flock of baby turkeys on Sunday afternoon!! Woo hoo!! Love seeing the babies. Momma had them in the tall grass, and she eyed me suspiciously, but didn't move away. I stood very still and, sure enough, after a few moments, I saw the little guys pecking and scratching at her feet.

Nothing else much to report this week. Unfortunately, I neglected the ranch all week, so it didn't share many of its secrets with me.

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Ranch Diary


  1. hollyhill's Avatar
    Your homestead sounds divine!!!
    Are the turkey's yours or wild??? I have never seen a wild turkey.
    The bird at your feeder sounded very interesting too, let me know what it was... I am a hobby birdwatcher too, and have become very proficient in IDing the local ones...
  2. madhen's Avatar
    Yes, the turkeys are wild. They have figured out that I have chicken food out all the time, so they come in for breakfast.

    There is also an abundance of wild deer on my road, but the multiple fences and gates seem to discourage them from coming onto the property. I think it would be fun to see deer outside my kitchen window, but I suspect my fruit trees would feel otherwise.