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Ground Maneuvers - June 7

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by , 06-07-2009 at 04:41 PM (1160 Views)
Everything is green and growing!!

One thing that was exciting to see is that an orange tree that I've had for years is now FINALLY producing oranges! I took the pic labeled "orange and friend" and didn't even realize, until I was editing, that I had gotten a shot of the insect! I just hope the oranges continue to mature, and don't fall off.

Every year, my pomegranates reach a certain level of maturity, and then they dry up and fall off the shrub. I'm keeping an eye on them this year, and if they do the same, I think it might be because the shrub needs to be repotted into a bigger container or maybe just into the ground. So far, though, the fruit looks great!
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  1. mauimagic's Avatar
    Great pictures - you are the growing queen!!
  2. fixer's Avatar
    Thanks for the great pictures.
  3. IndigoMom's Avatar
    Great Pictures! Thank you for sharing. It looks SO beautiful
  4. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Wow! They all look so great and healthy! I am so jelous you are able to grow lemons and some of the other fruit! I have always wanted to grow lemons. You are really going to be harvesting alot this year! Thanks for sharing.
  5. CrazyCat's Avatar
    Wow~I'm with debbie...I'm jealous. I wish I could grow all that citrus fruit you have....lemons, oranges, even pomogranite~! VERY COOL~!
  6. madhen's Avatar
    Well, lemons and oranges, no problem. Time will tell if I can successfully grow a pomegranate!!