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A week on the ranch (June 1 - June 7, 2009)

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by , 06-08-2009 at 12:15 AM (786 Views)
First week of June!! Woo hoo!! I am a little biased, because June is my birth month, but I just really like this month. June seems to be when everything I planted starts to bear fruit, and when the weather goes from cold to comfortably cool, and it is also the month that I used to start summer break as a kid, when I was in school. So overall, nothing but good associations with this month!

Thankfully, things at work have started to slow a bit. I was still busy every day, but at least I was working sane hours again! I was able to get home and prepare for the big thrift sale that didn't turn out to be worth all the preparation. I was also able to spend a little more time with the animals, who were starting to look at me like, "Who are you?" when I came through the gate!

A couple of days of rain this week, which was nice after a couple of weeks of sunshine, as things were getting dry. Not enough rain to really saturate and make a difference, but enough to knock the dust back a bit. It always smells so nice after a rain, as well. Otherwise, cool nights and warm days, and I'm enjoying the temperate climate for a change!

I finally managed to lure Dusty the Donkey in with some carrots and get a leg wrap on his front leg. The flies have been attacking it ruthlessly, not giving it a chance to heal, and it looks terrible. I still need to get to the feed store to get all three donks some new face masks. (The ones I used last year were a little too big, so not as comfortable as they could be.) Happily, the evenings are cool enough to give the animals some relief, but the flies are in abundance this year, as they are most years, and drive the poor critters to distraction. I'll probably stop at the feed store tomorrow and pick up some masks, as well as some more ointment, and really clean up Dusty's leg and put meds on it, to keep it from getting infected. The flies really did a number on it.

I spent hours, on Saturday, at a thrift sale that was a total bust, money-wise. I made $16.50 for the whole day, which wasn't worth six hours of my time (not counting prep). But I had a chance to talk to the one other vendor who showed up, and I learned a lot from him. I also saw a lot of potential customers who didn't stop, only because there weren't enough tables to draw them in. Got some good ideas regarding plants I can sell, and I spent Saturday afternoon and this morning starting some new cuttings.

Today was devoted to getting the house cleaned. I checked my email a few times, and I did find what turned out to be a GREAT Freecycle deal. (See the Fling 2009 Things in 2009 for details.) Suffice it to say that I was VERY happy on my return trip from what was supposed to be me picking up a poster of native wildflowers!

Went out tonight and fed carrots to all the ruminators. Picked up and cuddled the hens and threatened to do the same to the roosters when they got possessive. Gave the dogs their dinner and the bunnies some fresh greens. All is well at the ranch, and we made it through another week!!

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  1. mauimagic's Avatar
    Love your weekly recaps - and all is well on the farm!! You have certainly created a wonderful life for yourself!! Mahalo for sharing it with us!!
  2. fixer's Avatar
    It is amazing how much flies can torment a large animal. Here, people put masks on horses. They look to me as if they are preparing to rob a bank. Great job on your weekly recap.