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Last grocery trip for the month!

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by , 06-28-2009 at 12:03 AM (1240 Views)
It has to be the last trip: I think I have about $12 left in the budget!!


Head lettuce (on sale) $.97
Brussels sprouts (1.53 lbs) $2.74
Organic wheat grass (4 containers) $7.16
Popcorn $3.59
Deviled egg salad $2.99
Carrots (organic snack packs) $1.59
Half and Half $2.49
Deli meat (had coupons for two packs) $5.49
Clover sprouts $1.99
Bulk mushrooms (.47 lb) $1.88
Lightbulbs (1.5 watt)(3 each) $5.97
Yogurt (on sale)(4 cartons) $2.60
Sushi $8.89
Organic spring mix salad $4.99
Prepared fried chicken $5.99
Cat food (dry) $9.99
Potato chips $2.49
Sliced bread $4.39
Pepsi (2 8-packs) $6.78
Bananas (8.6 lbs) $6.79

The lettuce, deli meat, prepared chicken, egg salad, bread, potato chips, and soda are for the guy who is working on my fencing. He is the best fence guy I know, and VERY cheap, so I keep him happy by giving him lunch whenever he comes to work for me. He'll be here for several days, working on getting the goat pen re-vamped, so I bought enough to feed him and his helper for (hopefully) the length of their stay. He likes regular Pepsi, which is good, because I don't, and it was that or his other favourite beverage: Black Velvet. Didn't think that would work well with power tools.

The wheat grass was for the bunnies, both finch cages, and the parakeets' cage. It has already been distributed, and when I left their room, the bunnies were both snacking on it. The carrots and salad green are also for the bunnies. The clover sprouts are for the finches.

The light bulbs are to replace the night lights in the bunnies/finches room and in the dogs' room, and one spare just in case.

The mushrooms are to add to my garden veggies when I bake or saute up the next batch. I had a huge plate of baked veggies the other day, with just a pinch of shaved parmesan cheese on top, and thought it could use mushrooms to make it perfection. The brussels sprouts are just because I love baked brussels sprouts and could eat them every day. (Yes, I'm weird.) They may be dinner tomorrow. The sushi was dinner tonight. (I HAVE to buy one of those little rolling mats, so I can make my own!!!)

The yogurt is for breakfast and snacking. I freeze it and then eat it with a granola cereal topping. I had some plain yogurt in my freezer and, not sure what to do with it, I tried adding it to my soymilk/banana smoothies, and I liked the consistency, so I bought two more plain yogurt cups and popped them in the freezer for future use.

The bananas are also for smoothies. Have to give them a few days to ripen, and then I'll peel and freeze them for use whenever the smoothie-addiction strikes. I'll typically make an entire pitcher of smoothies with Silk Light chocolate soy milk, a TON of bananas, and (now) a small cup of frozen plain yogurt. Then I have a big cup (approx 2 cups worth), and freeze the rest in containers to snack on later.

The popcorn is to give myself something relatively healthy to snack on when the salt monster strikes. I usually buy it in bulk and organic, but for some reason didn't think about that this time. I just remembered I was low, and went for the JollyTime. Still, not a bad price for a big bag of kernels.

The cat food is because Schroedinger, the stupid feral cat, is back. I had some canned cat food, just in case, but she (?) has started showing up regularly again, so I will be putting out dry food for her again..

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  1. fixer's Avatar
    It sounds as if your fencing crew will be eating well. Good for them since fencing is hard work. I am looking forward to see pictures of the new goat pen.
  2. mauimagic's Avatar
    You take such good car of everyone - two footed and four footed!! It's great that the fence man is getting to it so quickly - that will sure make your life much easier!!
  3. madhen's Avatar
    I was thinking I needed to get out there tomorrow morning and get some "before" pics!!
  4. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Yes, I would love some before and after pics! That's great that you found someone whom you trust and no I don't think Black Velvet would have been a good idea to serve when they are thirsty!

    I LOVE it when I see cat food on your list! ...and you even named him/her....