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September groceries

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by , 09-10-2009 at 12:31 AM (1976 Views)
On September 4, 2009, I spent $21.36. I bought a bottle of vegetable oil, a can of non-stick spray, a quart of Half and Half, and a tempura roll.

On September 8, 2009, I spent $100.24:

kamaboko (6 ea @ 2.99/ea) $17.94
M&M's (2 bags @ 3.49/ea) $6.98
hairspray $4.99
hair mousse $4.99
hydrogen peroxide $.79
lemon juice $2.89
dried oregano $2.29
dried thyme $3.19
dried marjoram $3.59
Half and Half (qt) $2.99
potatoes (5 lb bag) $2.99
grapes (red)(3.05 lbs @ 1.99/lb) $6.07
grapes (black)(3.48 lbs @ 1.99/lb) $6.93
organic scallions (2 @ .99/ea) $1.98
organic carrots (bunch) $1.39
garlic (4 @ .50/ea) $2.00
organic celery (2 @ .79/ea) $1.58
red onions (2.38 lb @ .99/lb) $2.36
red potatoes (2.38 lb @ .99/lb) $2.99
organic spring mix salad $3.99
ripe bananas (10.14 lb @ .39/lb) $3.95
sushi $8.79
calamari salad $4.29

Okay, yes, I bought sushi, BUT I also found the one ingredient that was missing to make my own!!! That is why I bought six kamaboko (fish cakes)!! So I am hoping to make HM sushi this weekend!

The M&M's I will blame on a thread here on FV about free M&M's. Or maybe I'll blame the diet thread where one person eats six M&M's every day. Oh, heck, I just wanted M&M's.

Hair products are because I REALLY need a haircut, but I'm procrastinating, so I'm buying what I need to plaster it into an immoveable helmet until I have time to get it cut.

Peroxide is because I used up my one bottle cleaning up blood out of the carpet (the Riley incident). I rarely use peroxide, so this bottle should last me years.

The lemon juice was to finish making my watermelon jelly.

The spices were to finish making herb garden bread (so good - smells like Thanksgiving in the house when it is cooking).

The potatoes, celery, onion, garlic, and carrots were more for stocking up purposes than for any specific project. I am hoping to make some soups in the next couple of weeks, and it seemed a safe bet that I'd be using a lot of each in the process!!

The green onions and grapes will mostly become victims to my dehydrator. I will probably share some of the fresh grapes with the parrots.

Bananas will be peeled and frozen for smoothies. The salad is for Angus McBunny.

The Half and Half will eventually migrate to my office.

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    The herb garden bread sounds really yummy madhen, do you have it posted in your recipe section?
  2. jestagrrrl's Avatar
    that watermellon jelly sounds yummy mouth is watering!
  3. fixer's Avatar
    It is good to see buying food for yourself. M&M's are our weakness. The problem is my wife likes peanut while I enjoy plain.
  4. madhen's Avatar
    I am not sure if I posted the recipe, Dc. I'll take a look and post it, if I haven't already.

    Yes, this is my third batch of watermelon jelly, thanks to a recipe posted by DC!

    Well, we are a well-round triad then, fixer, because my favourite are the almond.