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A week on the ranch (September 14 -20, 2009)

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by , 09-21-2009 at 10:55 AM (1913 Views)
Another week flies by, and summer seems to have returned to roost for a while. It has been over 100F for days now, with just a small break every evening when it cools off just enough to allow me to sleep. It has been 95F and above INSIDE the house, and I have been turning on the A/C for the birds and the dogs, just to keep them from melting!

Lots of bird drama this week. I wrote, many months ago, about Daisy the Budgie and her broken leg. Well, I'm starting to think this bird has Munschausen (sp?). I walked in last night, and her eye is all scratched up and bloody. So she is getting one-on-one attention AGAIN, and I am getting bitten for my efforts.

On the finch channel, wow, I've been having one finch situation after another. I am handfeeding a baby finch that the zebras managed to sneak by me. Unfortunately, because they hid her in a pile of shredded newspaper, I didn't realize it was a nest until I started cleaning out the cage. The parents wouldn't feed her after that, so she became my little charge.

I also found a lesser American goldfinch in my garden, and it turns out that she is suffering from avian pox. She is at a wildlife rehabber's house right now, being treated and recovering, but avian pox means all the birdfeeders had to be pulled down, washed, and disinfected.

Finally, because of the goldfinch, I became aware of a spice finch that a cat rescue was trying to place. So she came home with me on Sunday and is currently in quarantine in my upstairs bathroom. Happily, the weather has cooled down JUST enough that she is okay up there. A few days ago, it would have been too hot, and because she is in quarantine, I can't put her with the other birds yet.

On other fronts, I got my fall garden planted, and I'm anxiously watching the ground for the first shoots of carrots to appear. I tried a sweet potato slip this year - a new experiment for me, as well as a lot of things in the allium family.

I noticed that my idiot neighbor's dog count is going up again. A lot of them disappeared after I filed a citizen's arrest on him for trespassing and sicced Animal Control on him, but he is back up to four dogs now: two border collies, a Pyr, and an Anatolian mix. So I set the dog trap again last night. Went out later to try to coax Girl the Donkey into eating her medicated cookie and found that I had set it a bit prematurely. I had captured two chickens and a guinea hen!! Removed them and put them on roosts for the night. I'll have to wait until after dark to set it to avoid future chicken catches.

I started up a challenge a few weeks ago, the Dirty Dozen Week-long Pyramid Challenge, and I have to admit that it is having unexpected consequences that I am really liking. First, it is making me do a bunch of things I would probaby avoid if I hadn't listed them. Second, and this is the unexpected one, it is helping me to prioritize. First, I have to think about what I have time for each day, to even WRITE the list. Second, I look at each day's list and I find myself thinking, "Okay, I should start this now, because it will take a while to do," or "If I start the laundry, I can knock out watering the plants while the laundry is going," or some such things. Very normal thinking, but not something my "immediate gratification" mind does naturally. I also check the list throughout the day, and by doing so, I am much more aware of how much time I have left in the day and what I still need to do, which keeps me from procrastinating.

Pups went to the vet this week, and now they are street-legal for another year. The vet says they need to lose some weight, so I guess they are on the Lose-A-Pound-A-Week-Challenge now, too!! I also have a grocery list of supplements that the vet recommended for Chewy and his hip dysplasia, so I am going to have to re-work my daily procedures to make sure he gets those.

Other than that, everything is relatively calm. Schroedinger the stupid feral cat has become a permanent fixture on or near my deck, although she remains as wild as ever; the turkeys, quail, and ground squirrels are still mooching chicken food; and the sun rises and falls every day, all without any assistance from me!

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  1. frugal-fannie's Avatar
    Glad to hear your animal farm is ok. Take care for the next few days it is going to get hot again, with the Santa Ana winds blowing.
  2. phoeny_moonstar's Avatar
    Wow, a whole bunch of excitement!
  3. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Wow, just a whirlwind at your place madhen.....as usual!

    I hope all the birds get better soon and that the Lose a Pound a Week challenge works for the pups as it seems to have stopped working for me!