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November's first grocery trip

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by , 11-03-2009 at 11:43 PM (4872 Views)

Frozen sweet cherries (on sale) $3.49
Frozen mixed fruit $4.15
Frozen sugar snap peas (on sale) $1.99
Frozen peas (2 bags on sale) $3.58
Organic arugula blend salad $3.99
Organic baby lettuce salad $3.99
Organic herb salad $3.99
Tilapia (fresh, they mischarged me 5.99/lb for "raw shrimp" but I didn't notice it until I got home. It should have been $8.99/lb!) $6.41
Dog treats (2 bags) (on sale) $9.98
Plastic baby crib toy (on sale) $1.99
Organic bulk oatmeal (.72 lbs at .99/lb) $.71
Bulk diced almonds (.92 lbs at $7.99/lb) $7.35
Bottled water (6 gallons on sale + CRV) $6.29
Potting soil $8.99

Okay, pretty much everything except the tilapia and water is for animals. The veggies and fruits (frozen) and almonds will be used to make up the next bulk batch of fresh food for the parrots. The salad, oatmeal, and baby toys are for the bunnies. The dog treats are hard chewy rawhide-type treats with glucosamine. I am trying to give the boys more chewy, take-a-long-time-to-finish type toys at night, hoping it will curb Riley's penchant to start barking at 2:30am. It seems to be working. Maybe his jaws are tired. The treats were on sale (normally $7.99/bag, so $3.00 off), so I decided to give them a try (approx 8 treats per bag).

The water is for me. The only way I can make myself drink at least 8 glasses a day is to have cold water in the fridge, and my little Brita filter pitcher can't keep up to all my needs AND to all the birds and bunnies' needs.

The potting soil is for the Boston fern I have to replant. I got it on sale a few weeks ago, for $5.00. It is HUGE, but very rangy and badly in need of TLC. I have read up on how to propagate it, and I'm hoping to end up with three to four smaller plants, but I needed soil to repot it. I also need the soil to replenish what the chickens keep trying to kick out of my potted bay laurel tree.

I am having a moral tug-of-war as to whether to tell them about the price mistake on the tilapia. The butcher was a really nice fellow, and he asked me if I had tried the herb-crusted tilapia (which they also had). I told him I hadn't, and he extolled its gustatory virtues, but then told me not to buy any today, because it would be going on sale tomorrow. So I'll probably go back tomorrow and point out their mistake. I doubt they'll charge me the extra, but even if they do, my conscious will be clear.

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  1. fixer's Avatar
    Good for you that the miss pricing bothers you. While they probably won't take the extra money, they should get the opportunity to decline it. It shows you are an honest and fair person.
  2. frugal-fannie's Avatar
    I am curious about the propagating of the Boston ferns. Let us know how it goes. I haven't tried anything but asparagus ferns.
  3. madhen's Avatar
    I'll be sure to post about the fern in my blog!