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Countdown to 2010: 24 days left!!

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by , 12-08-2009 at 12:29 PM (2955 Views)
Here we are, only a few weeks left in the year - a whole new year waiting around the corner!

I had started a daily resolutions thread, but decided to post it here, rather than on the forums, because it is something that I want to accomplish for myself, and my goals won't necessarily be the same as others' goals.

So, my year end resolutions (want to be there by December 31) are:

1. Balance my checkbook and figure out my monthly auto-deductions so I can better account for my money.

2. Stockpile necessary items for power outages.

3. Maintain or lose weight through Christmas and end the year at least 10 pounds less than I started it.

4. Exercise daily - doesn't matter what I do as long as I do it.

5. Use up a lot of almost expired items in my pantry that I bought because I thought I should, but that I don't typically use much.

6. Organize for easy access some OAMC type meals.

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  1. madhen's Avatar
    Today, I figured out my auto-deductions, wrote out what I need for my emergency stockpile, and I did my push-ups.

    I could have made wiser choices for ensuring a ten pound loss by the end of the year. The power was out, so I found myself doing things like eating the croutons I intended for salad (but the greens didn't make it through the power outage). I was on a carb kick, for some reason, and not good carbs! But I guess I used up some of my pantry items that way!
  2. madhen's Avatar
    Checking in. I think I've got resolutions 1, 2, and 3 tied up and in the bag. As for 4, I've been doing push-ups every day, so as long as I don't stop doing those, I'm good.

    That leaves resolution #5 and #6. I have been working on 5, doing a lot of "shopping" from my pantry, but haven't done much with 6 yet.