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A week on the ranch (December 14 - 20, 2009)

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by , 12-21-2009 at 10:02 AM (1194 Views)
That is funny, I almost wrote 1999 as the year when typing the title to this week's blog. I actually remember 1999, and it is difficult to imagine that a whole ten years has flown by since my memories of that year. Memories that didn't seem that valuable at the time now are milestones of years gone by, and it makes me wonder what will be the thing I remember most, in 2019, about this year? Maybe my back injury? Maybe Crash the lab puppy coming into my life? Maybe something that is yet to happen in the next week or so?

The big, albeit crappy, news this week is that Riley went after another goat. This time was different, because this time, Riley actually went out of his way to get the goat. His other attack, and every other time he has gone after prey (cats, squirrels, chickens, etc) were attacks of opportunity. The animal and he happened to be in the same space. This attack, however, involved him digging his way into the pasture where the goats are. So the goat is under medical treatment and Riley is banished to his kennel pending the arrival of his Christmas present - a cage muzzle.

Something I learned that may be of use to others: the vet recommended that I use the cage muzzle when I let Riley out to run around. (I asked wouldn't he still be able to dig, and the vet replied yes, but he had never heard of an animal being scratched to death by a dog.) The vet specifically recommended the cage muzzle, which is the wire one, over nylon muzzles, because he has seen dogs accidentally get the nylon muzzle into their mouth and then choke on it. The cage muzzle is a metal cage with a soft shearling strip where it connects to the face, so the dog can pant, drink, bark, etc, but he can't get his mouth on anything to bite it. Riley will wear it EVERY time I let him out, and I will obviously have to be even more observant that he doesn't get out, because he won't be able to protect himself if he meets another dog, coyote, or mountain lion out there.

The saga with my idiot neighbors continued. They heard Riley and the goat, and when I ran out there to stop it, both my neighbors were standing on their property screaming "THANK YOU" in very snide and holier-than-thou voices. Finally, the wife yelled "OUR DOGS DON'T KILL GOATS!!" and I snapped and yelled back, "NO, THEY JUST KILL OTHER PEOPLE'S ANIMALS. AND YOU LET THEM!" Then I got myself back under control and went into the house to call the vet. But never ones to leave well enough alone, my neighbors then called Animal Control and reported that I was neglecting an injured animal (even though they saw the vet truck come out less than an hour later). What is kind of amusing to me is that, to them, getting Animal Control out onto your property is about the worst thing they can think of, because they have too many dogs and their goats are always half-starved. But I foster for Animal Control and know about 80% of the staff So when AC called about the report, I just told them yes, the goat was under vet care, and that I appreciated their concern, and they thanked me and closed the report, and that was the end of it. I am sure my neighbor is still staked out at the top of his hill, waiting for AC to show up and get me into trouble!!

So, Merry Christmas, right? Great neighbors.

Anyhoo...I also had to go to the doctor about my back AGAIN. This time, they sent me off with a list of restrictions the length of my arm and told me they wanted to see me again in March. In addition, the pain management specialist is monitoring my last shot to see if that is enough, or if they need to do this RF treatment. Because I experienced relief from the last injection, I am a good candidate, but because the relief seems to have lasted more than a few days, they are hoping the injection will keep me going until my back heals up. They are reminding me that even minor back injuries can take up to a year to heal, so I am TRYING to be patient. But when my restrictions include no sitting more than one hour, no standing more than 30 minutes, no lifting anything over 20 pounds, and limited twisting, turning, or bending, I get a little frustrated.

On a happier note, Daisy the budgie's babies are healthy and look like they are going to be beautiful!! One is completely lemon yellow, and the other has more of his/her dad's markings, but both are cute as buttons!! I have been pulling them from the nest box and spending a few minutes with them (and driving Daisy crazy in the process) every day, so they'll get used to me. I'll have to remember to take the camera down for a pic, but trust me - CUTE!!

Okay, I will give Moor a shout-out in this blog, because she introduced me to Mafia Wars on Facebook. I thought Farm Town was fun, but after playing MW, I am neglecting my pacifist agrarian ways and resorting to an alter-ego of my true self!! If you haven't tried it yet, DON'T!! It is addicting!

Christmas is right around the corner, and I am SO unprepared!! The first few days of this coming week are going to be spent just getting the house in order, including a deep-clean of the bird cages and dogs' room. If I have time, I'll put up some lights outside, but it's not looking hopeful right now! At least my tree is up, and I have SOME presents to put under it. I still have to buy presents for my BIL and nephew, both of whom I don't know very well and one of whom I don't like very much. Thanks goodness for gift cards!!

Other than some drizzly, overcast days, the weather is cooperating. I am hoping for a clear day on the 24th, as my family always comes up on dreary days and can't appreciate the view I typically have over the canyon.

Okay, enough dilly-dallying. Off to go clean the house. Happy holiday all!!

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Another great week madhen! I am so sorry you are still having to put up with your crappy neighbors! I bet the babies are adorable and can't wait to see pics of them. Here's hoping you get everything done that you need to do and have a clear, sunny day on the 24th.

    Merry Christmas!