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A week on the ranch (December 28 - January 3, 2010)

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by , 01-04-2010 at 01:32 AM (698 Views)
Wow, it is 2010!! Woo hoo!! Another year to enjoy and explore. I always feel a little sad at the passing of the old year. It is like giving up a favourite outfit that just doesn't really fit right anymore. But then you turn, and there is the new year, silky and smooth, and waiting for you to slip in and give it a twirl. How can you resist?

I started the year with a "perfect day" challenge. It wasn't a spa day, but a day to be the person I always wanted to be, but just really didn't have the energy or dedication to be every day. I ate right, exercised, spent time with all my animals, and still found time to knit, read, and take a long, hot bath. I learned that it really isn't as hard as I thought it would be to be that person. I may have a "perfect day" regularly, until I make a habit of it!

2009 was quite a year. I acquired a dog. I performed a citizen's arrest on my neighbor. I lost almost ten pounds, and I injured my back so badly that even now, six months later, I am on restricted duty. Wow, I have never been much of a fan of roller coasters, and I took a few wild rides last year!

I have jumped into 2010 with both feet, and I have already signed up for a dozen or so challenges, including one very interesting one called "Twenty Wishes," in which you list twenty FUN things that you want to do in the coming year. It was hard for me to come up with twenty, and I realized that I am pretty contented with my life just as it is. I did come up with twenty, but it was a reach!

I am looking forward to the coming week. The office is being painted AND we are having new carpet installed, and I work in a high-rise, so pretty much everybody is going to be working from home, so as to not be overcome by the outgassing from the carpet and the paint fumes!! Woo hoo!! Telecommuting! I'll take that over sitting in traffic two hours a day any time!

On the home front, I am still tending to Bud, my goat. He started to improve, but has started to take a downward turn, so I've resumed the penicillin shots and I'll be calling the vet again tomorrow. At least he is eating and drinking on his own, which is more than he did at first, so I am hoping it will just be another round of injections.

I am also exploring the possibility of hiring a groomer for the bunnies. I know, I know, pretty extravagant for a frugal site, but I LOVE spending time with the buns, and I HATE stressing them out by grooming them, so I am hoping I can find a reasonably-priced groomer who can brush them out once a month or so. I am meeting with a groomer on Thursday, and she is going to assess the bunnies to determine if she can groom them. That way, I get all the fun of playing and interacting with them, and none of the stress of having to try to keep them mat-free (or the guilt when I don't brush them all week). I can keep up with the grooming in between, and let her handle the tough bits (dewlaps and bellies).

The weather has been wonderful - cold, but sunny and clear. Sometimes, sitting up here on my bluff, I can look down into the valley and see the fog that is socking in all the "flatlanders," and I am very, very happy that I decided to live up in the hills. I may have to commute two hours a day, but I get to come home to sunshine and a relatively warm home. My family lives in the valley, and their winters are basically one long, grey, cold stretch of weather.

I have a lot to be grateful for in this new year, and very little to complain about. (Which probably won't stop me.) I am looking forward to a year of learning exciting and wonderful things, many of which I will find here, and all of which I hope to report here!

So I wish a happy new year to each of you. I have enjoyed your company and your friendship, and I hope to spend another year with you all!!

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