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Trips to the gym

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by , 12-26-2010 at 09:03 PM (667 Views)
I won a gym membership this summer, while volunteering at a charity event, so I have been going about 2-3 times per week, mostly just getting on the treadmill, but at least once a week, I head across the lobby to the weight room and brave all the 20-something young men who apparently have no jobs and yet somehow have money to spend on gym memberships.

I haven't gone for three weeks now, due to work priorities that took me out of town, so I am going to head back tomorrow. It is hard to get back into the weights when I've been out of it for a while, mostly because I haven't the SLIGHTEST idea of what I'm doing, so I always wonder if I'm doing more harm than good! And then there is the soreness a few days later, until I get used to it again.

But I have to admit, when I get into the routine of going 2-3 times in a week, I start to look forward to it. I typically work out on the weights for about 20 minutes, then I run/walk on the treadmill. On work days, I run for about 30 minutes, but when I can go on a weekend, I go for an hour on the treadmill. The treadmill I like is happily one that is unpopular, because it is the only one situated in such a way that it isn't facing the tv's, so I can run and look out the window onto the street outside.

One of these days, I may expand outside my comfort zone and try some of the other equipment, and there is a whole room of stretching/yoga stuff that I just slink past, as flexibility is a concept with which I am unfamiliar. But for now, I am happy moving between the treadmill and the universal machines, then off to the showers to use somebody else's hot water to clean up. Life is good.

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  1. thesightofoneself's Avatar
    i never thought to use their water. youve perfected the term frugal.

    how much do you bench?
  2. madhen's Avatar
    If I use the bar, I can bench 65 lb. If I use free weights, I can bench about 30 with my right arm and only about 20 with my left. Chicken wings for arms.