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Small shopping trip

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by , 01-07-2011 at 12:41 AM (649 Views)
Purchased at Safeway:

2.5 gallon jug of spring water: $2.60
Italian sausage (13 oz): $4.79
stewing beef (1.21 lbs): $2.11
bulk chicken drumsticks (6.05 lbs): $9.01

Purchased at Food4Less:

cheese (smoked Gouda): $4.98
cheese (reg Gouda): $4.98
cheese (Edam): $4.98
12 one-gallon jugs of spring water: $5.14

Okay, just noticed that she only charged me for THREE one-gallon jugs, and now I feel badly, because she was a very nice cashier. I'll have to swing by tomorrow morning and fix that. (But I'm not counting it as another spend day!! <g>)

The cheeses are because I bought a big box of fancy crackers for Christmas, then never put them out. I like snacking sometimes when I don't feel like cooking, and I LOVE Gouda. 'Nuff said.

The water is self-evident.

The drumsticks were on sale, and are for the dogs. It was a massively large package of them, and I worked it out that it was cheaper for me to buy them the drumsticks than their hoity-toity $2.00/can Wellness dog food, so I bought the pack. The dogs ate well tonight. It is fun feeding the foster puppies raw, as they aren't quite used to it yet, and they get SO excited when they get a drumstick! They remind me of how chicks will run around with some tidbit in their mouths, worried that another chick is going to grab it. The pups do the same thing, until they finally settle down and enjoy their meal. Also, it takes them much longer to eat a drumstick than a can of food, so the meal is more of a game and an exercise than just calories in.

The sausage was for a wild rice dish I want to try as one of my new recipe challenges.

The stewing beef was because the stew I made last week turned out really well and I have all the veggie components and want to make some more. And the beef was on sale, then reduced AGAIN because it was at its "sell by" date, so I got it for about 61% off its original price.

I may have to cave in and pay $10 for a refillable 3-gallon water bottle. Food4Less has water at .33/gallon if you buy the bottle, so it is hard for me to justify spending approximately $1.00/gallon every time I buy it pre-bottled.

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