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Road Map for the Day - January 24, 2011

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by , 01-24-2011 at 10:41 AM (601 Views)
It is a Monday, so back to work. Today's plan: do my sit-ups/push-ups, feed everyone breakfast, hop in the shower, then head to the office for a 9:30a meeting. I'll stop, on the way, to pick up my dry-cleaning. After the meeting, I have to spend some time inventorying some property that needs to be returned, then I'm meeting my sister for lunch at 1:00p. After lunch, I'll probably be working on the property again for the rest of my work day, interspersed with trying to get ready for possibly being out of town again next week. It will probably be a long day.

Once my work day ends, if I am not still full from lunch, I will hit the gym, then stop for groceries and to wash the car and refuel it. I may also stop at the feed store, because I need litter for the bunnies, and I'm not sure if the grocery store carries the brand I use.

Back home, put groceries and dry-cleaning away, dinner to everyone, pick out tomorrow's work outfit, write in my journal, maybe a little knitting, then off to bed.

11:31A - Morning exercises done and everyone fed. I showered, then raced off to work, stopping for gas and dry-cleaning on the way. Made it here on on time, only to have my 9:30a be a no-show until about 10:20a. Finished with him and worked on the property issue a bit. Now I'm trying to get re-registered with our corporate travel agency, because I have historically refused to use them when I can do the same thing for free, but am now being told it is mandatory.

6:33P - Still wrapping up a few things at work. I walked with my sister at lunch, so no gym, but I do still need to stop at the store. The feed store will be closed, so I am hoping the grocery store has my litter.

11:05P - Got home about an hour ago. I went to three different places looking for a timer for my space heater, with no success. Most of the places I tried were already closed when I got there, and the few that weren't didn't have timers. I did finally get some litter for the bunnies, racing to get out of the store at 9:55P, as the loudspeaker crankily told shoppers to bring all their purchases to the front because the store was closing in FIVE MINUTES....

At home, groceries put away, so I just need to write in my journal, and then I think I'm done for the night.

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