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A week on the ranch (January 24 - January 30, 2011)

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by , 01-31-2011 at 12:41 AM (727 Views)
Busy week on the ranch!!

The county won its case regarding my foster puppies, so all the puppies (turns out there were EIGHT in the litter), including my two, went back to be neutered and put up for adoption. I miss them a little, but it is more just a feeling of something being "off," because I had become so accustomed to them being part of my daily routine. I think my dogs are happy to get that percentage of my attention back on them, especially Crash, who lives for me taking a few moments to play fetch or tug with him. The bunnies are definitely happy that the puppies are gone, and spend a lot more time out of hiding, now that they don't smell dogs in the room next to them (and have puppies tearing past their pen to run upstairs every day).

The really excellent news is that the puppies' mother, who had been deemed potentially dangerous and was facing euthanasia if the county won, was adopted by someone who could meet the really stringent rules set forth by the county for anyone adopting such a dog, after the dog demonstrated, during her long stay at the county, that she was actually a really sweet girl. Apparently, the bulk of her aggressive behaviour stemmed from neglect and abuse by her owner. Now she is in a loving home with a responsible owner, and her puppies will all be pets, instead of being used as breeding stock. News like that is what keeps me motivated to foster.

The donkeys all had a "spa" day on Friday, when they had their teeth floated and their hooves trimmed. The male donkeys also had their penis sheaths cleaned, which is something I absolutely did not know you have to do with male donkeys and am glad the vet says I will need her to do, because the boys have to be under sedation to have it done!! Apparently, because the boys are wethers, they don't clean their sheats naturally, through sex, and so dirt and such can build up in there. News to me. I could fill a book with what I don't know yet about donkeys!

The vet and equine dentist both showed up together and set up a contraption that allows them to rope the donkeys in and prop their mouths open, so the dentist can get a good look and file as necessary. It looks a bit like the donkey version of "Silence of the Lambs," but the donkeys are sedated for the whole process and recovered pretty quickly. The vet estimates that Buddy is about 25 years old, Dusty is 23, and Girl is 15.

I was feeling pretty good earlier this week, and I even went for a run on Wednesday, but that same evening, I woke up violently with some bug that had me doing a re-make of "The Exorcist" (ooh, it's cinema week at the ranch!) in the bathroom at almost midnight. I was VERY sick all day on Thursday, and the symptoms have been lingering, although they are slowly going away.

The good thing about being sick (other than the obvious diet aid) is that it gives you an excuse to lay about like a lump and do things you enjoy, like watching t.v, knitting, and, well, laying about like a lump. I did a lot of all three this week, and by having the free time, my creative muse kicked into gear, and I started playing around with my bead stash again. I am starting to work on a few projects, including a beaded bookmark that I'm kind of excited about. I will post pics if the creative genius escapes my mind and moves into my fingers at some point in the future.

Weather-wise, the week was as up and down as I was! It started out almost like spring, in the 70's, wonderfully warm and sunny, then the fog rolled in, and today we got rain all morning, followed by sunshine again in the afternoon.

The hummingbirds have been hitting my feeders hard this month, and I'm going through approximately a gallon of nectar a day!! Well, to be fair, the hummers aren't the only ones sipping at my feeders. I have at least a pair (and possibly three) acorn woodpeckers hitting the sauce pretty hard, as well. The woodpeckers are much more timid than the hummers, so every time I try to get a picture of them, they take off, but it is fun to sit still and watch them come in and chatter to each other while hanging out at what must be a birdie version of the office water cooler.

That's about all that is going on here at the ranch this week. We are all trying to stay dry and warm, and hunker down during inclement weather.

Other than being sick, I enjoyed my week, and I liked wrapping it up by being a bit of a hedonist, sitting in my overstuffed chair next to my toasty wood stove, watching "The Tudors" on t.v. and knitting. Can't ask for a much better ending to the week than that.

Lessons learned this week: enjoy the good days when they come, because you never know what is around the corner; sometimes order in your home trumps the happiness of a warm puppy; and donkeys can get "beans" in their penis sheaths.

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