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Day 1 - The Plan

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by , 02-01-2011 at 11:08 PM (949 Views)
Okay, here is the plan for February's home project challenge:

1. One "dig in" kit for use if I get stuck at the house for an extended period of time. I am going to compile the kit with the anticipation of having no power (and, consequently, no water) for a week;

2. One "bug out" bag to be left in a convenient location in the house, should I have to leave the house quickly (i.e, brush fire);

3. One "bug out" bag for the office, should I not be able to return to the house, or have to leave directly from work;

4. Two scaled-down "bug out" bags, one for each vehicle, should I be stranded on the road and not be able to return to my house or office.

In researching a number of disaster preparedness sites, I think I am a good ways toward accomplishing the first kit. I am compiling a list, however, and will have to check that I have everything on it (and also put everything in one central location).

For the purposes of a quick retreat, I have to seriously consider which of my animals, if any, I can take with me. There are some large animal rescue organizations in my area that will assist in transporting livestock out, if they can get to them, and I would have to leave the donkeys, goats, and chickens to them. My house is relatively fire-safe, as I have firebreaks that are wider than called for all around, but I would probably open interior gates to give the animals more room to move around and away from heat as necessary. My parrots and my dogs would come with me, no question. Each of the parrots has a carrier set up under his cage for just such an emergency, and the dogs would go in the back of the truck. If I had time, I could cage up the bunnies, parakeets, and finches, but if not, I would have to sacrifice them. I don't know whether it would be crueler to leave them caged or to let them loose into a world in which they have no ability to survive. Maybe I'll talk to my vet and wildlife rescue about that, to see if they have any advice in that regard.

Both the home dig-in kit and bug-out bag will, consequently, include pet supplies for dogs and birds, at a minimum. (And in the case of the former, for all my animals.) The vehicle bags will be prepared under the presumption that I can't get back to my animals, so will not include pet supplies.

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Very well thought out madhen. Hopefully they will never need to be used.