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A week on the ranch (March 7 - March 13, 2011)

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by , 03-14-2011 at 11:40 AM (621 Views)
This week just flew by, for some reason.

March 9th was my sister's birthday. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to do the whole routine of surgery, chemo, and radiation, about seven years ago. This week, she turned 50, so I thought we should do something special. I wanted to buy her a season pass to the theater, but the passes don't go on sale until May, so I bought her a huge tropical bouquet, took her out to lunch, then went to the mall with her. (And you'd have to know me to know how much of a sacrifice that last one was!) I am still going to get her the pass, but I told her this was part one of her present.

I have been horrible about maintaining an exercise routine. The best I've done is to (usually) keep up my push-ups and sit-ups. I have been incorporating walking into my work day, but I need to get running again. My weight is reflecting my lack of exercise, so it is time to get serious.

Lots of animal news to report, as usual. On Saturday, I helped transport about nine little chihuahua puppies from Selma to El Dorado County. Most were in the four month old range, very cute but very scared. They would not have made it in Selma, but here, there is a waiting list for little dogs, so I know all of them will go to good homes and learn to be pampered little purse dogs.

Herbie is still on another two weeks of meds for his high pancreatic enzyme levels. The vet has him on Metacam three times daily. It has been a challenge getting him to take the stuff, but we've worked out a routine where I offer up the syringe, he attacks it, and I try to squirt the stuff in his mouth before he lets go!! All the parrots have been switched to an all-pellet diet, with the exception of my African Grey, who gets about 1/2 t. of seed on his pellets at night (shh...don't tell the rest of them), because if I didn't give him that, I'd have to listen to, "Want an almond?" for hours.

Miss Kitty, my feral cat with the broken leg, is doing remarkably well for being confined to a dog crate for over a week. She just hangs out and lets me know when I am getting too close to her as I clean out the litterbox or change her food. She isn't happy, by any stretch of the imagination, but I think she is at least resigned to her lot in life. I am looking forward to the day, a few weeks from now, when I can open the crate door and let her have her freedom again. I hope she sticks around, of course, but I have given up any fantasy of having a lap cat.

Spring came a little closer this week, and we've had more sunny days than rainy ones! Most of my fruit trees are blooming, and all my indoor veggie plants are soaking up the sunshine! I am still working on getting my deck cleaned up, and am about 40% of the way done on getting all the crap off of it, so I can get started on painting it. This was my March project, but given that we are half way into the month, I suspect it might slop over into April a bit.

Both my phones went dead on me this week. The AT&T guy came out and fixed one, but the other is still down. (Which is why I have TWO lines. One or the other is always having an issue.)

I spent the weekend trying to be very productive, even though my mind wanted to just relax, after a week of work. As a result, I got a lot done, and the house is getting back into shape. I also prepped all my work gear, so I am not running around this morning trying to find stuff. While a part of my resents spending my weekend doing housework, I am trying to tell myself that if I am willing to devote a few weekends to doing this, I will catch up enough to allow me to just maintain everything during the week, allowing weekends for gardening projects. We'll see, but I do feel more "ahead of the game" today than usual. Now if I can just stay there!!

That's about it this week. I keep telling myself that I'm going to make notes for this blog throughout the week, so it doesn't ramble quite so much, but I never seem to remember to do so. Maybe for next week's blog.

Lessons learned this week: I will never have a Better Homes & Garden house, but I probably wouldn't want to live in one; you can get a lot more done than you think you can; sometimes, trickery is better than honesty.

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