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March 18th in a California Garden

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by , 03-19-2011 at 10:00 AM (566 Views)
Very little has been going on this week. Mostly, I have been tending to my indoor veggies, waiting for the weather to turn, so I can put them outside. I gave away some of the extras, now that I am sure the ones that germinated are growing strong and healthly.

Rain and cold weather all week, including hail, so it will be a while before I get out and start gardening for real. For now, I have to satisfy my need for dirt by reading gardening books and seed packets.

The garlic outside is growing, at least, in all three locations in which it was planted. The fruit trees have remained unmolested, so whatever (or whoever) pulled them out of the ground has not made a repeat appearance. I scraped just a little bark off and the wood underneath is still green, so I am hoping they will make a comeback.

My grapes are finally starting to bud, so it appears I did not manage to kill them by either the rootbinding or the traumatic slash and transplant methods I used!

I am still surviving on fresh grapefruit, and as my grapefruit supply is beginning to dwindle, my kumquat supply is starting to ripen! I love fresh kumquats, although I haven't yet figured out how to juice them!! I found kumquat marmalade at the store the other day, so I think I will try to make some, once I get enough ripe kumquats to make the effort!

I was listening to The Self-Sufficient Gardener podcast the other day, and he mentioned that the best natural form of bug control you can get for fruit trees is ducks or chickens, because they spend all day hunting around and eating anything that moves (last part of that sentence is my editorial on why he thinks ducks and chickens are good). I have had to coop my chickens, because of the hawks nesting near my house, but I have been visited for the past several weeks by a HUGE flock of wild turkey, and they are now just sort of hanging out and making my yard their home, so I am hoping they will help themselves to all the grubs and beetles they can find!
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