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April 1st in a California Garden

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by , 04-02-2011 at 10:36 AM (485 Views)
Woo hoo!! Spring is here!!

April came in on a wave of sunshine, and I celebrated by wearing shorts and getting my hands as dirty as I could before nightfall!

Lots to report this week. First, all my indoor veggies are busting out of their pots, so I experimented and put a few of them outside, to see how long they last before the squirrels find them. I am going to drag out the hardware cloth and make a few cages, to see if those help.

Second, my seeds arrived, so I now have watercress, hollyhocks, corn, chervil, Thai Dragon chilies (the best chilies in the world and possibly the universe and, unfortunately, a hybrid, so I can't save seeds to plant next year), and "Crimson Sweet" watermelon to plant!

Then, to add to my gardening happiness, I got a surprise in the mail. I had forgotten, when I sent a donation to the Arbor Day Foundation, that they promised me trees as a thank you gift. So when TEN little bare root trees showed up in the mail, I was totally unprepared! They are in the fridge right now, waiting for me to have time to plant them: 3 Eastern Redbuds, 4 White Flowering Dogwoods, 3 Goldenraintrees, and 2 Crapemyrtle!! They are teeny little twigs right now, something you would expect to see after pruning a REAL tree, but some of them are already budding!!

Outside, the garlic cloves I planted are all coming up, in all three locations. I have scattered some cotton plants around the property to see if one area is better than others for them. (Cotton is NOT native to my area, so I am not sure if it will even survive, much less produce.)

My kumquat tree is coming into full production now, full of little orange jewels. I want to try to make kumquat marmalade, once the fruit is ripe enough, but I also like to pick a handful of fruit and eat them on the go, as well.

My little cherry tree, that got yanked out by the roots, is coming back. It has little green buds on it. My Chandler walnut trees and my Fuji apple tree were the last hold outs. One of the walnuts is definitely budding out; one appears to be budding out (but it is so hard to tell on the walnuts, since the buds are basically the colour of dead wood until the leaves come out); and the apple is still leaving me wondering.

Down in the dogs' run, the persimmon trees (three of them) all are green and healthy. The cherry tree down there, a combo, is full of blooms. And the combo apple, like my little Fuji, is sitting quiet and doing nothing yet. Which actually gives me hope for the Fuji. Maybe apples are, quite literally, late bloomers.

That's it for the garden this week. Lots of growing and lots of potential, waiting to burst out in summer.

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