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Olivia - The first day

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by , 10-09-2011 at 01:04 PM (704 Views)
I'll admit it. I was a little disappointed. I was told that I would be fostering a pregnant dachshund, and at the last minute was told it was actually a chihuahua. Love dachshunds, tolerate chihuahuas. But the commitment was made, so I set off to Sutter County to pick up my new ward, knowing that this would be the beginning of a relationship that will last at LEAST two months, depending on how pregnant this girl was!

I arrived at the Animal Control office at close to 2pm, and after some paperwork, three young men dressed in jail jumpsuits met me at the intake gate, with Olivia on a leash. All my disappointment left me when those warm brown eyes met mine, and I immediately just wanted to make everything better for her. At this point, she was still a no-name chi-mix dog, with only an intake number to document her existence, but I noticed all three young men stood nervously around while I put her in a crate and told me what a nice dog she was. So, she is definitely a charmer, and she had stolen at least three hearts already!

Olivia and I got home at close to 4:30pm, and it took her about 90 minutes to decide it was okay to come out of her crate. She graciously accepted the bed I had provided for her, and she settled down for the night. She didn't touch her kibble, but she ate about 1/3 cup of wet food. When approached, she would allow me to touch her, but she would hold a very submissive posture.

What could be worse for an extremely pregnant dog than the stress of being kept in a public kennel, then thrown into a crate and driven to a strange home with a strange person, and being expected to care for your babies, not knowing what tomorrow will bring? All I could do for her was give her comfort and food, and hope she would relax and feel secure enough to have her puppies and accept them.
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Olivia's Journey


  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    You are such a great person madhen and she will come to realize that she is in the best place possible. Good luck with her and I hope she (and her babies) bring you as much joy and love as I am sure you are giving her.