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The next day

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by , 10-10-2011 at 12:12 AM (708 Views)
After a relatively good night's sleep, Olivia started her day with a hearty breakfast of warmed canned dogfood. She stayed in her new den all day, although she greeted me with a thumping tail every time I came into the room.

I had some concerns, during the night, that Olivia had kennel cough or some other respiratory issue. Her eyes were all gummed up, and I would hear what sounded like very wet, laboured breathing, but only once in a while. She seemed okay this morning, however, and I think the sound I was hearing was her vomiting. I have read that it isn't unusual for dogs near whelping to vomit, so I am trying to not freak out about it.

Olivia is obviously uncomfortable, but she slept quite a bit today, which she needs, and when she awoke, she would take treats of raw chicken from me. She drank quite a lot of her water, and she is having normal bowel/urine breaks.

I bought Olivia a new collar today, a pretty pastel blue one, and I picked up puppy supplies (food and "medical" supplies for the birth) for the litter. I am about as ready as I can be for the big day!

At about 6pm, Olivia became very restless and moved out of her den to sit near me. She spent several hours at my feet while I played on the computer, occasionally thumping her tail to remind me that she was there, and she would whine a bit and try to get comfortable. I feel that she is looking to me to "fix" her discomfort, but all I can do is cup her head in my hand and tell her it is all up to her now.

Looking at her face, I can tell she is a very young dog. I would be surprised if she is over a year old. The face that looks back at me is that of a puppy, and I can't help but be angry that a dog who should still be growing herself is having to raise a litter of her own.

I put my hand on her belly, to feel for contractions, and I felt the puppies kicking. It was both a very exciting moment, and a very scary one, for me. Such little lives, and they are all my responsibility now!

By 8pm, Olivia was back in her den, and now, about an hour later, she seems settled in for the night. She snacked on another small bowl of canned dog food, and had a few bites of her kibble. I am hoping she is comfortable enough to get some sleep. When the puppies start to come, she'll need to be well-rested and ready. Honestly, I was expecting her to go into labour tonight, based on how restless she was!

I am happy that Olivia seems to be calming down and settling in, and that she had at least a day to become comfortable with her surroundings before going into labour. I am hoping she has a couple of days to really relax and get to know me, and the daily routine, so that she can feel secure when the puppies arrive.
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