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Olivia - Making a House a Home

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by , 10-11-2011 at 11:12 AM (841 Views)
Olivia's fur is dry and dirty, with mats of dried mud in places, and she has all the appearance of a dog who does not know what it means to live in a house. She is trusting, so I hope she was treated with kindness in her young life, and she has no physical or emotional signs of mistreatment or abuse, so I hope her life has not seen the horrors that can befall a dog who is left outside and unprotected. I hope that she still thinks of humankind as exactly that: kind.

It took Olivia a full day to leave the den I created for her under my desk, and another full day to venture outside the confines of the bedroom. She walked gingerly on the hardwood floor, not sure what to make of it. At first, any unfamiliar noise sent her scurrying back to the bedroom, to the small security she had found. But, being a trusting dog, and being a dog who has not known cruelty, she quickly adapted, and began to explore the house.

In her three days, she learned of televisions and music, about which she is ambivalent. She probably heard similar noises while being kept at the outskirts of a family life. She learned that garbage is off-limits but that pieces of chicken are offered freely in its place. She learned about parrots and finds them fascinating! (They, in turn, find her just as fascinating!) She learned that when you move from carpet to wood flooring, you have to watch your step, and that when look cute enough, you get scratches behind your ears. She learned that not every loud noise means she is in danger, and she learned to sleep deeply, rather than startle at every sound.

As I write her journal, Olivia sleeps at my feet, her paws twitching in some dream only she understands. In her belly, the young lives within her wait to start their own journeys, to learn their own lessons. As I write her journal, I know that I'll never write the final chapter, because Olivia will move on to another home, hopefully a home that will keep her safe for the rest of her life, but I content myself that I can write THIS chapter of her life, and that it will be a happy chapter, and that I can write the prologue and the first chapters of her babies' lives, as well.
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Olivia's Journey