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A busy week and a big adventure!

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by , 10-14-2011 at 07:14 PM (870 Views)
Olivia has been out of the shelter for a week now, living in my home most of it, although she had to go stay with a friend last night and part of today, because I had to go out of town.

"Liv" is adjusting very well to home life. She has learned to navigate my stairs, even with a HUGE belly, and she prefers to go outside to go potty. She ignores my chickens and, as we learned at the vet's office, is fine with cats. When I am at home, she finds a soft place to lay down where she can watch me, but then falls asleep unless I make too much noise. She is just starting to trust me enough to occasionally let me out of her sight, but not very often.

Olivia had to go to my friend's house last night for a sleep over, because had to go out of town on a project, and I knew I wouldn't be home until late afternoon today. I hated to do it to her, but I didn't want her alone for that long of a time, just in case she went into labour.

So Liv and I hopped in my car at about 7:30p and made the hour-long drive to my friend's house. Liv started in a crate, but was getting car sick, so against better judgement, I let her out and let her sit on the passenger seat. Of course, she ended up in my lap, where she promptly fell asleep until we reached our destination. I felt like a heel, walking away and seeing my friend stop Livvy from following me, but it was for her own good.

This afternoon, I picked her up, and I saw her through the window before I went into the house. She saw me too, and pure joy ran through her little pregnant body. She was sure I had abandoned her, and she could not control her excitement when she saw that I had not! This is going to be a tough foster, when the time comes to let her go! After just a few days, she is bonded to me!

I learned from my friend that Olivia did well, but that she does not like men, at least not big men with big beards. But little Olivia worked her magic on the women, and I can add at least one more notch on the list of hearts that she has won over. And my friend's mother-in-law has asked to be notified when the puppies are born, because she wants to adopt one of them! So even Olivia's unborn children have that same magic charm of drawing people in!!

So, in her short stay with me, she has learned that chickens are beneath notice, but that parrots are interesting, because they have human voices; cats are ignorable; other dogs are interesting but a little overwhelming in large numbers, so best to stay up in a human's arms and watch them from afar; women are good; big men with beards won't eat you; donkeys are scary; and for a nap, nothing beats a comfortable and wellworn blanket after a long car ride home.

Still no sign of active labour. I have started a Chip-In account for her, hoping to offset SOME of the out-of-pocket expense of her upcoming vet bills, and so far, I have had $40 donated toward her and her puppies!!

Crossing my fingers (and I am sure Olivia is crossing her paws) that she has the babies this weekend, so we can both relax a little!

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Olivia's Journey


  1. l8eebugg's Avatar
    Found this post after I saw last night that Olivia had her first baby. She sounds and looks so sweet. Thanks for a writing such a heart-warming blog.