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by , 10-16-2011 at 11:59 PM (1104 Views)
It was a long and rough day for Olivia on Saturday. She started to go into active labour at approximately 2p, and at 2:55p, the first baby finally arrived!!

Over the next seven hours, Olivia delivered the other six babies, all beautiful and healthy: four boys and three girls! Poor Olivia was so exhausted, at the end, she couldn't even stand up. The whole time, I just kept petting her and telling her she was halfway there, then almost done, almost done, until the final baby made its appearance at 10:17 pm.

It was bittersweet, watching Olivia becoming a mother. She cleaned her babies and laid down for them to nurse, and when she looked up at me, she had very old eyes. Until that first puppy arrived, I thought of Olivia as a puppy who happened to be pregnant. But as she lay there, exhausted, with seven new lives depending on her, she looked wise and matronly, and I mourned a bit for the puppy she was never allowed to be.

Today, Olivia would not leave her pups to eat, so I brought small portions of canned food and chicken to her, and held her bowl of water to her, so she could stay hydrated. But she is such a nice little dog, she does leave her pups when she has to go potty. She comes out of the bedroom and finds me, and we walk outside so she can potty out of the house. She has pee pads in the house, and she started by using those, but after I took her out a few times, she got the idea, and now she holds it until I let her out. She hops down about a dozen steps to get to the ground, does her business, then hops back up the same dozen steps to get back to her pups. I am hoping that the exercise is helping to strengthen her leg muscles, and building up some tone in her body. She was in very poor physical condition when she came to me, and being pregnant hasn't done her body any favours. I watched her hopping down the steps this morning, and her spine was a sharp ridge running down the center of her back.

She is very sweet around me when I "mess" with her pups. She noses at them and watches me intently if I pick one up. When I put the pup back down, she checks it carefully, but will still lick my hand afterward, as if to tell me she forgives me for my insolence. Each and every time, she forgives me.

As of today, we have all survived approximately one day in this world. We have another week or so before at least *I* feel a little more confident that everyone is okay and will probably make it to weaning! Right now, I keep fearing that one will just be dead for no reason, or that Olivia will suffocate one of them, because she doesn't seem terribly concerned about where they are when she flops down in her bed!

But for now, everyone is safe, and the puppies are all sleeping and twitching, tummies full and bodies warm, and as close to truly blissful as any animal can be.
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Olivia's Journey


  1. valerian's Avatar
    Madhen, you and Olivia did a great job! What beautiful babies! It's so cool that you got different colors. I think Spooky would be a good name for the white one.
  2. madhen's Avatar
    Thanks! Did you and I come up with "Spooky" independently, or did you see my other post where I mentioned I was leaning toward that name?
  3. goldeneyez's Avatar
    Madhen, you both did an amazing job with the pups. The picture is so cute! Love the different colours as well. I'm sure the pups will thrive under Olivia and your care! You are such a wonderful person to be helping this wonderful animal at the time she needed you most!

  4. NikoSan999's Avatar
    I hope they all find homes. With someone who will spay and neuter them.
    On the brighter side....I'm glad Olivia "found" you. At least she will have a few happy weeks. hint hint ........I know.....sigh..how does Miss Kitty feel about another intruder into her world?
  5. madhen's Avatar
    Actually, ALL the pups will be spayed/neutered BEFORE being adopted. The country requires it of all animals it adopts out (even their bunnies!), so none of these little girls are going to have to go through what their mother had to go through, none of the boys will be responsible for bringing more pups into the world, and Olivia will be spayed after the pups wean, so she won't have to go through it again, either!!

    Olivia is a sweet dog, and is going to make someone a great housepet. She is house-trained, very affectionate, and still a puppy herself, basically. It will break my heart to take her to the county for her spay, because that is when I relinquish possession of her and leave her to the vagaries of the system, but I am sure she won't have to spend more than a few days there before the right home finds her.

    Miss Kitty has been mute on the subject so far.
  6. knotme's Avatar
    Congrats on becoming a surogate puppy grandma. Hope all goes will wth the puppies and mama Olivia