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As the tail wags

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by , 10-25-2011 at 09:21 PM (985 Views)
Olivia has now been a momma dog for about a week, and the pups are growing by leaps and bounds. The smallest, the white male is 232 grams as of this morning, and the largest, a brown female, is 448 grams!! I have been pulling the little white dude to try to give him extra nursing time, so he can catch up. Poor little guy keeps getting bumped off by the other six pups. I tried giving him some puppy milk replacer today, but he didn't much like it, so I gave it to Olivia, figuring it would get into him eventually!

Olivia is going to be a wonderful housedog! Poor thing holds her bladder and bowels ALL day, even though I have given her pee pads to use, and waits for me to get home before she runs outside to relieve herself!

I noticed a very long and ragged scar on Liv's back leg. Makes me wonder what kind of a puppyhood she had. She is also VERY timid of me when I pick anything up. I picked up a flyswatter the other day, and she turned tail and ran back into the bedroom. She wouldn't come back to me until I put it down, and, even then, she low-crawled submissively the whole way. I am starting to re-think my belief that her youth was not discoloured by violence at human hands.

This week, I continued to work Liv around male humans, because she has a real distrust of them. I also introduced her to the goats and donkeys, who she doesn't quite trust either! The goats think she is the weirdest thing they've ever seen - smells like a dog but looks more like a black squirrel!! The keep wanting to run up to sniff her, but I am afraid she will be trampled underhoof, so I make them keep their distance.

Reuben, my white rooster, has decided he hates Olivia, and he charges her every time he sees her, which means I have to step in and let him know that Livvy is part of MY flock and he needs to step off. He doesn't actually attack her, because she'll back off when he postures, but if I am there, he will just hang out in the perimeter of my vision and glower at us both. I wonder what he'll do, in a few weeks, when I open that door and EIGHT dogs come running out!!

Olivia also met the bunnies, and she initially barked at them, but now she just watches them with interest. She is a very sweet and gentle little girl, and the only thing I've seen her try to kill was an errant fly who was bothering her one night. (And she failed miserably in her attempt to chase down her prey.)

In weighing the pups, I was able to finally distinguish one from the next, so I now have a weight log that I can record daily, by pup, to measure progress. I am just a little worried about little white dude, because he is QUITE a bit smaller than the next smallest pup, so I am going to have to be aggressive this week in making sure he gets his fair share of meals!

In the evening, Liv finds a quiet and soft spot near me while I knit or play on the computer. If I change rooms, she'll follow me and wait to see if I'm going to stay there, then find another spot to hang out in. Very undemanding and very sweet little dog.

At bedtime, I have set up a couch cushion, so she can jump on that, then from there to my bed. Usually, after I turn off the lights, she'll go nurse her babies, then hop up on the bed, tunnel under the sheets, and fall asleep pressed up against me. She is definitely a little heart-stealer.

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Olivia's Journey


  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Aww, she sounds so sweet! I hope the little white dude gains lots of weight this week!
  2. madhen's Avatar
    He got a 40-minute solo nursing session this morning, and I'm going to try to give him some extra time at least in the morning and evening on work days, more this weekend.
  3. ktsmama's Avatar
    Thanks for the update! I am glad the little ones and Olivia are doing good.
  4. gapeach's Avatar
    I wished I lived near so I could take her. I hope whoever gets her will be as wonderful a pet parent as you are.
  5. Judi Dial's Avatar
    Aww. Sounds wonderful MH, how about a pic or two? (Or have you done that & I missed it?)

    So nice to read this today. Thanks!

  6. madhen's Avatar
    There were some pics in the earlier blogs. I need to take more, but those pups are harder to catch on camera than one might imagine!