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You want to do WHAT to me?

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by , 11-01-2011 at 06:41 PM (1225 Views)
Olivia got her first bath a few days ago!! She is shedding, and it is making her (and me) crazy. Not to mention that she smelled like a street dog.

SO...out came the puppy shampoo. It is some cherry-blossom-scented pink stuff, but it is safe for puppies, and I figured it has been a few weeks, so it is probably okay to shampoo her now.

I popped her into the sink, in a wash tub, with about an inch of tepid water in it, and proceeded to try to get her wet. Olivia was NOT happy, but to her credit, she expressed her unhappiness by just trying to slink out of the sink. So, by the time she was dampened, shampooed, and thoroughly rinsed, she wasn't the only one who was soaking wet!! But after a thorough towel-drying, she smelled 100% better, and she seemed less itchy!

I am pretty certain it was the first time she had ever had a bath, based on the looks I was getting during and after. But she took it like a trooper.

Olivia is going to be such a good pet for someone. She heels beautifully, without a leash. She understands our routine now and knows, when I sit down at the computer, that I will be there for a while, and she goes to her bed (a folded up quilt on the floor) and lays down. Occasionally, she heaves the deep, heartfelt, sigh of martyrdom - a puppy with no one to play with - but usually she is patient and waits for my attention to be directed back to her.

She is starting to get playful again, as a puppy her age SHOULD be! We have had a few gentle wrestling sessions, and she prances around my feet in the morning, when I get up, wanting both breakfast and attention, not necessarily in any particular order. Her favourite activity is going for a walk with me down the driveway and into the pasture, and running around in the grass.

The pups are growing, and I weigh them every day, to make sure no one is falling behind. Little White Dude (LWD) is now only about 40 grams lighter than the next heaviest pup, so he is catching up! (About a week ago, he was almost 120 grams lighter.)

Puppy #5 (brown girl with pink nose) is definitely going to be the alpha pup. Already, she is the explorer in the pack, testing the boundaries of her puppy bed and ending up in all sorts of places in the bedroom when my back is turned! I finally had to build a small wall around the puppy "den" to keep her from wandering! I am thinking about naming her either Dora (the Explorer) or Amelia (Earhart).

Four puppies have now opened their eyes, and three are keeping me waiting, including LWD.

I took pics the other day, most of which did not come out well, due to the wriggly nature of puppies, but I haven't downloaded them yet, so can't post them. I promise, next blog, to add some photos!

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Olivia's Journey


  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Awww, poor Olivia. All these new experiences that you are giving her. I bet even though she didn't seem to like the bath, she probably feels better!

    Can't wait to see new pictures!
  2. NikoSan999's Avatar
    Glad she found found her...whoever found who. Have a feeling she's in a FAR FAR better place than she was.