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Temperament testing

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by , 11-05-2011 at 11:11 AM (2076 Views)
Testing Olivia to see if she will make a good pet, and so far, here are the results:

1) Food - not food aggressive at all with humans; doesn't growl at pups when they stick their noses in her dish; I can take food away from her, including right out of her mouth, with no complaints from her.

2) Other dogs - seems very curious about my dogs, but since she is not yet vaccinated, we haven't been able to really test this one out. She wants to go in their room with them, when I take their food to them, and she doesn't bark or growl at them when she sees them.

3) Other animals - seems curious about the bunnies and parrots, but does not fixate on them. Was attacked by my rooster, and ran from him UNTIL I went after him. Then she ran up with me and gently bit at him (i.e, got the tip of his wing in her mouth, but didn't injure him at all) and backed off when I did. Seems curious about Miss Kitty and tries to go into Miss Kitty's hiding place to visit, but comes back when called. (Met a cat at the vet and was afraid of it.)

4) Other people - again, can't really test it out as much as I would like, but seems okay with women. Doesn't much like men, so I am having a male friend come over when I'm not home and give her treats, to try to get her association with men up a bit. When I am home, she will let my friend pet her, but only if I am right next to them. When I am not home, my friend reports that she is very barky and does not invite any interaction.

5) Handling/grooming - can pick her up, touch paws, check teeth - no issues. She drops into a submissive pose, but lets you do what you need to do. I've done rectal temps on her, given her a bath, and trimmed her dewclaws, all without any problems.

6) Obedience - didn't know any commands, although she has learned "stay" and is starting to figure out "sit". Doesn't really know how to walk on leash. Stays close without a leash, but will wander off and not respond to commands if something gets her attention, so I will not be walking her anywhere off the property without a leash attached to her!

7) House-training - will still relieve herself on carpet if allowed, but will use pee pads if on laminate. PREFERS to go outside, and will wait (as much as eight hours) to go before going in the house, so she shows a lot of promise. I have blocked her off from carpeted areas, because I think it is so much like grass to her, it is too tempting.

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Olivia's Journey


  1. Judi Dial's Avatar
    Yay you and Yay Olivia too! Good for you for taking the time with her. Bless you.