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  1. 03/23/2009 - P.H.A.T. Chick Journal

    by , 03-24-2009 at 12:26 AM
    Productive day today, and better than yesterday, self-improvement-wise.

    I spent the day (8am - 4pm) on the firearms range, so lots of physical exercise today!! Because I was outside most of the day, I tried to keep my water intake up, and I had 10 glasses.

    In addition to the day, I did my sit-ups and I did my free weights. I have been doing a piddly little 5-lb weight, and I moved up to a 10-lb weight tonight. I did my regular routine, and I added some calf raises. ...
  2. A week on the ranch (March 16 - March 22, 2009)

    by , 03-23-2009 at 01:18 AM
    And what a week it was!! Another one of those maelstrom of energy kind of weeks that makes the days fly by!!

    I had to fly to Vegas in the middle of the week, for work. The weather was beautiful, but I really hate that city, and couldn't wait to get back home. I think I'm allergic to Vegas! Or maybe I'm just allergic to noise, traffic, and really low-class people who are too self-absorbed in their own hedonistic whirlwind of self-destruction to give a thought to the damage they ...
    Ranch Diary
  3. 03/22/2009 - P.H.A.T. Chick Journal

    by , 03-23-2009 at 12:47 AM
    Not my best day, but not my worst. I didn't really do any exercise, mostly because I ran out of time doing all my chores for the week! I was up and down stairs, doing laundry, cleaning cages, feeding the time I thought about exercising, I was too darned tired! I also am anticipating a very strenuous day tomorrow, as we have training all day, which is kind of like being stuck in gym for eight hours. I am usually VERY stiff and sore for a few days after training, so I'm being a bit ...
  4. 03/17/2009 - P.H.A.T. Chick Journal

    by , 03-18-2009 at 12:48 AM
    Didn't drink any water today. Bad, bad, bad. I was running back and forth to work, to the airport, back to work, then home, and I totally forgot. Oh, well....

    Went on a three mile walk today and got my push-ups in.

    Had about 1/2 serving of huevos rancheros for breakfast, along with a cup of coffee. I had a soymilk smoothie (Chocolate Silk and frozen bananas) for lunch, and a large serving of wild mushroom tart (yum!!) for dinner.

    I'm running around ...
  5. 03/16/2009 - P.H.A.T. Chick Journal

    by , 03-16-2009 at 11:50 PM
    Ups and downs today. I missed breakfast, because I was in a hurry to get out to an early meeting. Lunch was a very hurried "bowl" (about a cup) of chili (of which I ate about half) in a bread bowl (of which I ate about a tenth). Dinner was salad.

    I did get all my water down today! Woo hoo!!

    Took my multi-vitamin with a swig of fruit juice.

    Exercise-wise, I did 32 minutes on the treadmill and I did my free weights.

    I am not ...

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