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Part of my game plan

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by , 06-22-2012 at 02:11 AM (1119 Views)
I think my strategy (while very simple) will be the following:

Purge, purge and purge some more by continuing to micro examine things that I have. I plan to sell most of my extras, but I would also love to give some away too.

Never buy anything that is not an absolute necessity. I so often see something that I think is a good deal and just buy it ... it could be something small like a lip balm or similar, only to arrive home and realize that I have enough already. These small expenditures add up to many dollars over time. Its a habit that I am getting better at nipping in the bud before I spend, but every once in awhile I cave.

Take excellent care of what I DO have and want to keep. Keep my sterling jewelry polished, make sure my car is always clean and neat (and well maintained mechanically... which has never been a problem for me). Make sure all of my clothes... even if old... has small holes mended and otherwise looks at least fairly neat. When I am on my own time I have absolutely stopped stressing about my clothes looking *spectacular*. My person (meaning all of my grooming) is always meticulous... it kinda goes along with taking good care of your "stuff" so my hair is always clean, trimmed and styled in my "messy" style (its long so I just kinda scrunch it so it looks fuller and messy) I wear at least some makeup and my nails and pedi, while short, are always done (by me, of course!) . I just want to make sure that the things that I *do* have are in good repair and kept nice.... that I store them properly and maintain them properly.

Keep everything more organized. I've made a LOT of headway in getting rid of things like old tax returns. I've made it a policy to keep them for a decade, and I still had some in my files from the 1990s. Threw those out!! I want to get my old filing system back so I can find things quickly and easily when I need to rather than having to sift through all of my papers.

I know, I know

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