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amazing weekend

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by , 04-12-2010 at 12:13 AM (630 Views)
We had an amazing weekend on ebay. We made $2076.22 after all the fees came out. We also made $140 on silver locally. That means that the LOC is paid in full and the rest of it will go on the CC#2. We are so close to paying off bills. Yeah! Got another round of coins put up on ebay.

CC #1: $1780/$1780 Paid in Full 3/31/2010
LOC: $5000/$5000 Paid in Full 4/11/2010
CC #2: $1500/$5355 (Balance $3855)
Car loan: $1135/$15,503 (Balance $14268)
5 C #1: $112.50/$1100 (Balance $987.50)
5 c #2: $0/$250 (Balance $250)
5 C #3: $0/$1700 (Balance $1700)
Mortgage: $561/$118,610 (Balance $118,049)

My DH also told me about a temp job where he works that I will try applying for. The only catch is that I have to tell them I can't start working until June but he thinks that is when the job starts. If I get that job then we will be able to pay off my car by the end of the year for sure.

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