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Believe-O-Matic, or Looking for a new Church

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by , 07-09-2009 at 08:47 AM (1854 Views)
I can already imagine the comments this may bring, but I've decided to go back to church. Not the church of my birth (Roman Catholic), but church in general.

I find I need and crave the structured time to reflect spiritually, and looking for a strong spiritual community. I discovered a church about 6 miles from my house, a United Church of Christ parish (is that even the right word for a Protestant community?). They have a strong environmental message and on Saturdays at 4 p.m. they have a service in their Chapel in the Woods, and outdoor service with environmental themes and it takes place in God's good green earth regardless of the weather. It sounded beautiful to me.

I'm nervous as anything, I long for the structure of time at church and a spiritual awareness, but I tend to be VERY uncomfortable with Christians focus on Jesus and the Bible. It sounds totally bizarre, doesn't it? I'm sure it does to any evangelical, but nothing makes me more uncomfortable than when someone tells me "well, the Bible says..." or speaks of their personal relationship with Jesus (I just think it's one of those things where words fail, and trying to talk about it just sounds so inadequate and silly).

I was curious where I stood theologically, so I searched the internet for this silly quiz called "Believe O Matic" (oh, how easy is that!)which asks you 20 questions and then based on your answers ranks the religions of the world. My top answer, no surprise, was Unitarian Universalist, followed by Liberal Quakerism, neo-paganism (?) and "Liberal Christian Protestantism." Roman Catholicism ranks a distant 26, behind Islam (#14) and Buddism (#9).

So, this weekend I'll be trying out United Church of Christ, the world Christ itself has me on edge, but I had a warmer feeling about this church than I did with our Local UU church (where you can listen to sermons online).

I never thought you could change faiths, I always said "religion is not like a grocery store where you can go in and pick out a new faith like it was a new kind of cereal on sale." So I've been praying this goes well, scared as anything, hoping for the best.

Oh, and I haven't told my husband yet.


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  1. frugal-fannie's Avatar
    I have attended all kinds of Churches and still do. As long as they believe in the main tenants of Christian faith or are not trying to work their way in. I say go for whatever makes you happy. I attend Lutheran and Calvary Chapel and they both are very good. I am happy the church has some environmental things. The Lutherans are also very good about teaching to use your recourses wisely and even time, can be given. So service is revered. There are a lot of Christians who recycle etc because we need to be good stewards. I tend to like a bible church where they actually go thru the book and I learn something each time I go. I get a renewed peace each time I go, hope you find the same peace. How can that be bad.Good Luck finding a church.
  2. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Funny you mention this topic. I left my church (Roman Catholic) after my divorce (the church did give me an annulment) but I never felt comfortable going back after the split. I have been thinking about returning (to the Catholic faith) because I really miss it. I am not one of those people who feel comfortable 'talking' religion to anyone.. I just prefer my own quiet way. I too haven't told my husband. I will be going on my own as he doesn't believe in having to 'practice' religion. Good luck with your new choice!
  3. qsaver704's Avatar
    Well, I as a Evanglical Christian (from the south) that has talked the Bible believing ways all my life have all sorts of comments running through my head. But reading your post, it seems that you have heard them all and it would be rude for me to try to "preach" to you when you are here sharing a story.

    I like taking care of the enviroment too, but feel it is more of a personal passion than part of my religion. I do agree that we should take care of what God gives us.I just figure there are so many other topics that my pastor can address in church service.

    I do believe you can change religion-not over and over on a whim. I do hope the child that was raised atheist will have a chance to change their mind if they so choose.

    Probably still too long of a comment, but I did reserve most of my "preaching" comments that ran through my head. Didn't mean to offend. We certainly have different views, however.
  4. qsaver704's Avatar
    Well then, I took the quiz/test. I figured, what the heck! My number one was Orthodox Quaker. Guess that tells you why I had so many point to disagree with you.
  5. thesightofoneself's Avatar
    took the quiz: Unitarian Universalism
    but i practice judaism despite my score being 53%
    you gotta do whatever works for you
  6. ml2620's Avatar
    Thanks Debbie-cat, as always. I think we feel the same way. In the end, I may go back to the church of my birth, but I am not there yet. Church was always something I fought against growing up, but now I remember the peace of Church and would like to bring that back into my life. My husband is also one of the most spiritual people I know, but he'll never "practice" his faith anywhere but in nature, and in his kindness to all living things (except ticks).

    qsaver, I am also sorry if I offended, I was just talking about my own internal stuggle and comfort issues. Like I said to Debbie, I am not there yet.
  7. missyali's Avatar
    I love my UCC church. I hope that you find comfort in whatever church you choose. I'd love to go to your outside service ~ how fun!
  8. Momto2Boyz's Avatar
    Interesting quiz.

    I think you hit the nail on the head when you said church isn't like a grocery store that you can shop around. Why not? You make comparisons on every other decision you make in life...why not when it comes to a huge decision like faith? I think secular religions preach that you can't "shop around" becuase they want to keep you in that particular church. I won't go any further, becuase I personally am against organized religion...and I don't share my views with people often (becuase then people tend to fight with me).

    I say if you feel a void and need the community of religion to fill it...then find a church you feel completely comfortable in, and don't stop searching until you find it!