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Things I have to get done

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by , 03-08-2009 at 02:57 PM (849 Views)
I've been in my place 2 weeks and haven't changed my addy on my license or got a PO box yet (PO Box costs $12 for 6 months)

I have to fill out a DHS application again for medicaid, the medicaid my kids had before doesn't cover doctors were we live now, and for food benefits. he way it works in my new town is you bring in your application to the office and sit and wait until someone sees you, you get approved or not with 10 days. ( I have to bring my 3 year old with me, ugh)

I have to ammend my taxes because I recieved 1099's I forgot about and I have to file my state yet. ($10 to ammend and file)

I think i'm going to apply for WIC, they put this on the food benefit card as well

My daughter is going to join Baton Twirling. It starts this Thursday ($55 for class and $25 for baton, her dad is going to pay most if not all of it)

I have to get this done soon. I have to come up with money for groceries also.

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  1. hollyhill's Avatar
    I am glad your EX is paying for your daughters class, but is paying any support for you?

    In addition to WIC do you have a food bank near you? How about a womans resource center? I live in Canada so I am not sure what programs are available...
    But you have to do what ever is necessary to get food on the table.
    Do you live close to family? Can they help?
  2. mmy2grls's Avatar
    My ex husband does not pay child support right now. Long story but it is easier on me this way. He does other things like pay for extras for my kids, fixes my car, etc

    I do have food banks near me, etc. We do have food but I have to shop as we need things right now. I'd sure love to buy a weeks worth at one time.