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Started business building activities!

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by , 01-08-2009 at 11:14 PM (1399 Views)
Ok, so the tax bill has motivated me to get started!

Today I used our local kijiji and posted 3 items. A purse, a dog sweater and a personalized bandanna for a pet.

Tomorrow I'll do a few more samples up and post them as well. If I could sell 3 to 4 items a week, then I'd make most of what I need for the tax bill. I have 3 months to put that together.

Of course, I plan to keep listing things! I have another thing now that I think of it to list!

I would like to earn a consistent $1000 from my hand made goods. But I'm aiming for $500

So step one was putting my items OUT THERE. Done that.

Next it to put up my other website. Create it again.

I suppose I should do some websites That's a pretty consistent income when I get going too. BUt not my main focus. But to raise the tax money, it would be a great thing to get running again!

I also listed a heat press that I haven't used. No time to develop that line, and no lap top to bring with to shows. If I go that route again it'll be a different way of doing it.
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