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by , 01-15-2009 at 04:10 PM (1094 Views)
With all the talk of doom and gloom everywhere, being a parent/home owner/entrepreneur is very scary these days.

I'm gazelle intense, talking myself out of purchases, and instead making a wish list for the future in more stable time.

I don't watch the news as what they offer is meant to insight reaction. I don't believe much of what they say, sure there's a down turn, sure it sucks, but is it really the depression that they say it will be?

I know our investments took a hit, I don't know that we are able to avoid it. Unless we just pulled them, but that too will recover.

Right now, all I can do, for peace of mind, is to keep getting rid of the debts. The less monthly payments we have to cover, the better off we are. Next month I will eliminate one more. It's close. Even with having to spend on hotels, which hurts, I didn't really budget for it, but it won't be the end of the world, it means the cc gets paid off on the 13th instead of the 1st. We'll live.

I'd love to increase my income, but I'm already at the top of my pay scale. I can't raise my rates any further until this passes as there are going to be more people out of work, meaning less families seeking care. I have to walk that fine line. I have asked families, and they don't expect any changes in areas they are in. In fact some said they are busier than before. So hopefully that maintains for the next year, so I can continue to pay everything with the snowball I have and be done with it.

Dh watches the news and reads the paper and talks to the guys at work. He was told that we needed a 3rd life insurance policy to cover the mortgage as we were paying too much. I told dh no, we're not paying much and he said this guy knows what hte rates are and it would be cheaper. So I dug it up, and I was right we pay pennies for the insurance the insurance he wanted us to buy was way more. When will he learn??? This guy is with World Financial or something, and it's a something to be leery of around here. I hate when dh talks with this idiot as he gives dh some pretty poor information.

Anyway, the talk of depression/recessions is all very stressful for me. All I want is that we can stay where were are and pay things off in the next year, and deal with the next year then. If all we have is mortgage utilities, insurance and food, we'll manage. But with the debt payments we'd sink.

Too much doom and gloom. Just too much. It's getting to me. They are freaking out that our unemployment here is jumping up, it's at 6%! We've been lucky, and spoiled and very unappreciative. There are still lots of places desparate for staff, but you have to be willing to work it. If I had to, I'd take on a retail job and another to make it work for our family, dh would too. It wouldn't be a great thing, but we'd do what we had to. We wouldn't need sitters soon, as the little one is soon in school full time, and I have 2 old enough to mind her after school. And the other is old enough to mind herself for the most part.

I hope this trying stressful time passes soon for everyone.

OH< and the commercials on the radio. Blaming the consumer for not spending anymore!!! What's with that? People are struggling to make payments, their credit maxxed out, what are they supposed to do? I know, we're buying very conservatively. Groceries, and very little else. We're using stuff like freecycle, goodwill where possible. Coupons as much as possible. We will level off, I'd like an idea of when though.

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Yes, the way the economy is right now has caused alot of anxiety. I try not to listen to the news or read the paper anymore. I focus on my debts, my family, reusing things, recycling things, always looking for a deal and hope for the best.

    Try and cheer up, remember you are 'making it' like you said and that is all that matters right now. Things will eventually get better....maybe later rather than sooner but things will turn around.
  2. qsaver704's Avatar
    I agree that it is harsh to blame regular people for making the economy worse by not spending. On the other hand, it is a fact. If people had money to spend and would spend it, the economy would improve slightly.