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Baking for weightloss?

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by , 01-12-2009 at 01:01 PM (1270 Views)
Now that does appear to be an oxymoron if i ever heard one. However, if done right, and treated right, it can work!

This morning I had a great sustaining breakfast. It's 1 hr to lunch and I'm not having and hunger pangs, which has been unusual for me to make the morning without needing a snack.

I had a Banana muffin, made from the WW cookbook, it is amazing, the best banana muffin I've had, they all are rubbery, this one tastes and feels like it came from a bakery. Amazing, and it was only 3 points. I changed the recipe using whole wheat rather than regular flour, which will increase the fiber slightly. But these are by far the best banana muffins ever, diet or otherwise!

SO with the muffin, I had an apple, and a glass of milk. Total is 5 points. This is a good solid breakfast. I know lots of people want minimal points but I do eat all my points and use the extra where needed on a particularly hungry day.

I have also made some oatmeal raisin cookies. They are 1 point each. So when I'm really wanting a sweet, I have these ready too. Again from the WW recipe book. They are a little crunchy imo, but with some milk or tea, will be fine to curb that sugar monster craving.

Ok, off to make lunch for the kids, my lunch is a shepard's pie. Left overs from Saturday. Need to think on supper. Tomorrow lunch is Chicken Caccitore

Changed my mid, having leftover madras beef, with a small fruit salad

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  1. itsahumanzoo's Avatar
    Ooh, which WW cookbook is that from? I would love to make some muffins for myself. I am bad at breakfast. :/