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I'm back!!

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by , 01-19-2009 at 10:59 AM (841 Views)
Spending 3 days away from home, really makes one appreciate being home again!

I had a wonderful trip with my 2 youngest. dd9 team made it to the finals. It was an extremely exciting game. The girls played shorthanded, 4 of their team mates did not come They were down by 2 points with 7 minutes left in the game, they came back strong, tied it up, then scored again to lead by one. Then the opposing team, with 1 minute 30 seconds left, scored to tie the game up. 45 seconds left the other team scored again to win! It was extremely exciting.

They did extremely well.

we had to wait until 10:30 am Sunday to see if we made finals. Then the final game was at 4pm. SO I checked out of the hotel at 8 am, headed to the rink to search for the lost Nintendo DS that dd5 forgot. We got it back. Then we went sight seeing.

Here is what we found:

I've never been in the mountains in the winter, the Alberta Rocky Mountains are spectacular at any time, but seeing them all white was amazing. I've not been in the mountains in over 20 years. We are planning to do it again and do the Tram, had i had more time we'd have continued to the Columbia Ice fields and done a tour.

I will definitely do more planning next time we do this tournament. My girls enjoyed their time away from home and time with mom, I think that was dd9 highlight. It wasn't much of a social event for me, as I had the little one with and dh was in another city elsewhere..lol. DD9 didn't want to eat out, she wanted to eat at the hotel in our room, so we ate what we packed and bought a couple fresh salads, then would spend the evening in the pool, then have a bath and watch tv. We were asleep early both nights where her team mates were up late and crabby the next day. We spent $20 in fast food, $25 for groceries. And $19.60 to get into the park. We had a blast. Dh and I are discussing going to the mountains in the spring and doing the tram, and other things with the kids. 1 night hotel wouldn't be bad.

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    I LOVE the Rockies in the winter. I have been there many, many times and they never cease to amaze me! Sounds like you had a great time...congrats!
  2. TheRootedNomad's Avatar
    Those are gorgeous pictures! ..... and I love when a team makes a comeback when they're down.
  3. jestagrrrl's Avatar
    Those pictures are absolutely beautiful...gosh, makes me wanna be that ram, just to have the freedom to run...
    Glad you had a great time...and welcome back!