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LIttle Trip to the store

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by , 01-28-2009 at 09:59 AM (1105 Views)
My grocery challenge for the month is $400.

I had spent about $300, need to calculate the receipts. I went to Wal-Mart, they had 2 kg Kraft peanut butter on sale for $3 less than usual, so I picked up 3, unfortunately, I didn't have a coupon. I also picked up 4 boxes of Fruit Loops for $.47 a box. Not the large boxes, but still a good deal. As a rule I don't buy the sugary cereals, however, I do get them for camping season. So I put them aside, dh asked if I could get more, and we'll make some fun trail mixes with some of them. So while dd is at dance, I'll be getting a few more boxes as I have lots of those coupons.

I'm learning that taking coupons even if I"m not buying that day does help me find a better deal.

I also got 2 more 12 packs of toilet paper, double rolls in our preferred brand. This is one of the few products I"m brand loyal, I have 2, and get whatever is on sale. I have about a 6 mo And just add when it's on sale.

I do need to go to Sobey's and get the campbells soup, it's on for .49 a can. I like to have the mushroom and tomato soup as I use it to start bases for other things. Tomato soup is a great base for curry.

So after my purchases yesterday, I'll be at $330. Actual cash spent on groceries this month, under $150, I had gift cards from December for Sobeys, had Christmas returns so had gift cards at Walmart. So the unspent cash has been put to debt repayments

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Good for you!!! Wow, you got some great deals! Keep up the fantastic work.
  2. mommy4ever's Avatar
    What I *should* have done, is bring the flyer to Superstore, had them price match, used the coupons and paid with my superbucks from the gas station....doh!

    When I go to Sobeys' tonight I'll see if there are more coupons, grab some and head to Superstore with the flyer. Then it would have been FREE! But I did get 8 boxes of cereal today for $3.76 So I can't really

    They have shampoo/conditioner for brunettes by my favorite brand, but not the type I typically use. It was on clearance for $2. I have coupons, buy 2 get $2.50 off. Making it $1.50 for 2 bottles. That's a great deal considering it's usually $5/each.
  3. dcompton's Avatar
    In the fall I got Campbell's tomato soup for .40 a can - I got about three dozen. I used a can in some beef stew this week. I agree - it can be a wonderful rich base for things.
  4. frugal-fannie's Avatar
    Great buys on the cereal. We also used the sugar cereals for when the kids were running late to stick in a bag and eat as a snack in the car. I can't wait to try the tomato soup for a curry base.