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A little of this and that.

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by , 01-24-2009 at 02:15 PM (1272 Views)
Yesterday was a busy day, mentally.

I prepared my household budget in detail. I found a free spreadsheet that works well for me.

I then found a Freedom Account spreadsheet. I have made several categories for it.
clothing, childrens clothing, school fund, school fees, registration, pet fund, auto fund, and home fund. I'm not sure if I've missed any. I have a savings account just for this, because if I leave it in the regular account, it tends to erode away.

then I found an extra check register, that I am using for dh account. I have the bank card for it. Each check(he's paid weekly), I input deductions, mark them with a circle like I do with checks that haven't yet cleared. Each check we set aside 1/2 the mortgage, 1/4 of the insurance, 1/4 of his debt payments. In the register, what is left, is non-specified funds. So cash we might need. It's not alot, but at least I know in detail what we have set aside. As it clears, I check off the circles. I mark the circles so I can see at a glance what we have allotted money to. It's very easy for me to update and keep track.

Due to starting to track better, I've not been in overdraft, even for bank fees which you never know what they are going to ding you for, in about 4 years, now it's going to be even easier.

Last night, dh sent me shopping. We needed baskets for our back entrance for the kids mitts, etc. One big basket doesn't work, hard to find. So we wanted individual ones. They wanted $8 for a little basket! I want plastic as there is lots of moisture here in the winter.

I went to Super Store and found little bins 2/$6.98, that are clear and come with lids. I thought, while not as pretty as the others, definitely more functional, as once winter is over, I'll be able to put the lids on and store them for next year. Storing winter stuff is a challenge, but the bins are big enough to hold their boots too, so it'll stack tidily in the storage closet. Next week I think I'll get another set of 4, and use that in the summer, the kids have crocs, sandals and runners, what ever they aren't wearing can be in the bin under the bench, so the entrance isn't overwhelmed, and when it's time to switch, again, close the bin, switch to the others.

Also while there, they had Special K cereal on for $2.49 and I had a coupon, buy 2 get $2 off. so I grabbed a couple boxes. I should have gotten a couple more, but i didn't get a cart and didn't want to go into the -30 weather to get one.

And on a real positive note... I LOST 2.4 LBS this week, even with staying in a hotel 2 days and this being the beginning of my period(TMI< I know) and bloated! Next weeks weigh in should be even better~

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Great job on the weight loss and I like the idea of the storage bins. We have the same problem with our entrance and I told DH this summer I am building a bigger entrance!!

    Good for you on coming up with a system where you can keep better track of your finances. It seems to be working for you and that's great!
  2. dcompton's Avatar
    I eventually did the same thing with my irregular expenses account. I have it all in a lump sum in a savings account, but break it out in a spread sheet. It's much easier to know what's there.

    Good work on all the budgeting.