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Weightloss Woes

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by , 02-28-2009 at 11:24 AM (1244 Views)
This has been so frustrating. I started out with WW in January. Love it. It's simple, I don't go hungry. I'm following the "rules" pretty close. I initially was losing weight nicely.

Now it's lose .4 gain .6 lose 2 gain 1

Up and down and up and down. This will take FOREVER! I want to hit lifetime! I have not decided on a final goal yet, but at the very least I'm 18 lbs away.

So I was talking with the leader today. She asked some very pointed questions. And I answered as truthfully as I can. But the fact is, I have let the journalling lapse some. I've been so stressed about the layoff thing.

So I do need to focus on that. I haven't been exercising as much, but am still working out.

But the BIGGEST thing, that I never even thought of, on the way home from the meeting feeling glum, ffeeling exhausted physically, emotionally and mentally, I realized that my thyroid must be out.

And the lightbulb went on. I haven't picked up my prescription! And it's been there over 2 months! No kidding my thyroid is out. I have no idea how I didn't notice not taking the meds for 2 months. It's such a routine thing. I take it when I brush my teeth, and I KNOW I've been brushing my teeth.

Just goes to show how stressed I am..lol.

On the non scale side of weightloss however, My jeans will need to be replaced in a month or 2. Financially I hope they last 2 months, on the weightloss side, I hope they don't. Right now I can make about 4" pleat(so 8" of extra fabric). My belt won't manage it for that much longer. We'll have to hit Goodwill.

So, today I'll be picking up my prescription today, and get back onto the routine. I also need to get back onto my supplement routine and find the time and money to go see Dr. W to get re-evaluated. The stress is exhausting me, my skin is bad now, my monthlies are vengeful. SO time to get "balanced'.

Hopefully we can get all the financial things in order and dh can be an active partner in it all. I think HE should negotiate the mortgage this time, not just sign the dotted line..lol

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  1. mom23boyz's Avatar
    Hang in there!! WW will be great once you are in balance again! I hope you feel better soon!!! Great job on the needing new pants!!!
  2. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    I am glad you figured out why you are yo-yoing. Thyroid really affects your weight alot. Bad, bad girl for not taking them for 2 months! Hopefully things will become stabilized and you will be consistently losing weight.

    Good luck with the financial things! Kick DH in the butt to help you!
  3. thesightofoneself's Avatar
    i dont know how much you weigh but if you can fit into childrens clothing it tends to be cheaper
  4. mommy4ever's Avatar
    I know! I can't believe I did that. I have a prescription for a year, not like I can't just pick it up. Or have to do blood work first. I've been on the same dosage for YEARS.

    lol.. not sure he'll appreciate it. We need to win a lottery

    Oh wait, we'd have to buy a ticket to win
  5. mommy4ever's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by thesightofoneself
    i dont know how much you weigh but if you can fit into childrens clothing it tends to be cheaper
    ROFL. Well, I don't even think if I got to 100lbs i'd fit in kids clothes. 4 nine pound babies took care of that shape wise. They don't make kids clothes for a truly feminine shape(aka - childbearing hips..lol)
  6. madhen's Avatar
    Wow, I HOPE you brushed your teeth over the last two months!

    Can you find someone who sews in your area who can maybe take the pants in a bit? I am having that problem with a pair of "uniform" pants that I have to wear when we do our quarterly tactical range. We are required to wear Royal Robbins 5.11 tactical pants, and I'm too tall to wear womens' (which have, at best, an inseam of 28", I think, maybe 30") so I wear a men's, which I got for free from another agent who outgrew (ahem) his. They are 34" x 34". Until recently, I could get away with belting them, but the last time I had to wear them, I couldn't bunch the material up enough!! So rather than paying $40 for a new pair, I'm looking around for someone who might be willing to re-engineer them for $10 or so.

    It IS really frustrating to go the up/down/up/down route. I am sympathetic! But it sounds like your down's are higher than you up's, and you have your whole life ahead of you to reach your target weight. Sometimes, we appreciate things more when we really have to work hard to get them!
  7. mommy4ever's Avatar

    I've had them taken in once already, they are wearing out at the hem, so there's just not much point. They were $20 new. Had them taken in then, since I"m that curvaceous kind..lol. (in all the wrong places). So there's not much point. I will go the good will when I have to.

    I'll see what I can do to take them in. I hate alterations, but if it makes them last a little longer then I will.

    What's cool, though, is they are even loose in the thigh! I have fairly heavy thighs, aka protruding thighs, and these pants were a really nice snug, but not tight fit. Love these pants. But they are hanging on me now So I can only do so much to make them last. Not entirely a bad thing.