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Sorting everything out.

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by , 03-02-2009 at 01:07 PM (1307 Views)
This month I did what I could to track our spending. I hung on to receipts, lost a couple, but i use the debit card, so i had records anyway.

So once the little people are napping I'll be able write out what February budget was. And plan March.

dh and I are booking a time to sit down and go over everything to see what we need to do. If we want to roll everything into refinance or just some of it. I have a much better idea than last time, now that all 4 will be in school, where last time only 2, and the second was just starting. So we'll have a more accurate budget laid out so we can see what the best choices are.

Dh is home from being away with dd11. From his 2 night hotel stay, I planned it well. There was $200 for the hotel(total) there is $65 left owing on it. it's nearly paid off. He went with $200 and came back with about $80. So he did real good. Even took dd to a movie, but did the cheap theatre. I hate him being away. I never sleep well. Of course i never get much sleep when he gets back either lol. But when I do sleep i sleep soundly.

So in a couple days we have our finances meeting together and we'll be calling our banker and getting it all sorted out! It's his turn to deal with the I hate renewing mortgages.

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Good luck! Finances are difficult. I understand about the sleeping part....even though DH takes up the whole bed, I miss it when he isn't there.