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I want to BEAT him~

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by , 03-04-2009 at 10:42 AM (938 Views)
Ok. so last night we're talking, I explain to him that it wouldn't make sense to pay $750+ in penalties and fees to save $155 over the course of 5 years. IT DOESN'T!

So fine, he agrees, but he wants to play "hard ball" and try and get it. But he won't call. Now he wants to wait a month or so. WHAT??? And risk being LAID OFF before we try to get this done?

THen he starts, well needs to see where the money is going, (fine). We've lived here 8 years and he doesn't have a clue about utility costs(uh... he's never wanted to). And he's lecturing that he never sees anything, blah blah(he never wants to see, just likes to complain some days). I told him I have a binder....he cuts me off. And tells me if we do this, we'd better be keeping money in the bank. I told him I have a prelim budget based on new numbers. ANd he goes. I'm too tired not to night.

I got SO mad at him. You lecture you need to see, you want to see, but when it's offered YOU DON'T WANT TO????

I so want to smack him up side the head.

However, I didn't take no for an answer. I showed him everything. The proposed budget. He added some categories, filled in blanks where I didn't know how much. So today I run new numbers.

He's of the opinion we don't need an EF for things like unemployment. However I disagree. He does like the spending account, where we take the oddball expenses that oocur 1 or 2 times a year and budget them in. He wants to build a healthy one for the house, so if the roof needs redoing or we have to replace the furnace, etc, we have cash. I'm glad he gets that.

He also wants to do a car fund, we only keep cars for a year or so. He buys a car in distress, fixes it, sells his "old" car and uses the "new" one. As a rule he makes money on each one. So he wants to start with $1000 to $1500 in that account. Use it to buy, and when he sells it, deposit into there, so it slowly builds to where we can potentially get a much newer car. I don't really care about that, I don't know we'll ever spend a large chunk on a car...lol. Our most expensive van was $2500. Sold it for $3500..lol. So I'm figureing this will give him his "project" and I never need to worry about it coming out of the household fund.

Looks like our spending account will get a deposit of about $750 per month! EEK.. no wonder we were so tight some months when these things come up. But some of those things when fully funded, won't necessarily be used. I have budgetted for example the dog fund. $45/mo but capping it at $540. yes their food will come out of that, but I only need to buy food every 3months. Other than a check up, we don't anticipate many expense, So this year I need to contribute $540, but next year it may only need $200 to top off. Dh wants the house ef at $5000, but when it reaches 5000 then we don't need to add unless we use it. Several areas are what some people would consider EF, but I'm putting them in the spending area, as these are irregular expenses, not necessarily true emergencies.

What does it include?

  • school - tuition and fieldtrips
  • clothing - adults
  • clothing - kids
  • gift spending
  • car repair
  • pet care
  • car registration
  • camping fund
  • household
  • sports
  • incometax(i'm self employed, we're setting aside money for taxes and CPP)
  • car fund
  • house EF

In our budget we have:

  • mortgage and tax
  • house insurance
  • car insurance
  • life insurance
  • power/heating
  • phone
  • satellite
  • internet
  • gas
  • bus passes
  • groceries
  • entertainment
  • savings
  • EF
  • RRSP

So we have many things covered. I don't know what esle we need to add. I think it's pretty complete.

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