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Is it really possible?

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by , 03-07-2009 at 08:50 PM (1032 Views)
I'm having some interesting things happening her. I'm falling deeper and deeper for my dh. He'll do things that just blow me away.

Where he once held back, he's now his children's advocate in any situation, unfair treatment at school, at sports, anything. If he feels they aren't being treated fairly, he deals with it. He does the same for me

He's just coming into his own I think. He'll be forty this fall. And when many people find it to be such a difficult age to accept, he's embracing it. It's very very attractive.

He's some what of a redneck, but will adapt to just about anything these days. Where he once was homophobic, we now have a gay couple that are good friends of ours. Where he once was against the children learning other languages, he's now, the more the merrier.

Where he is insistent that we have a stay at home mom, he's also determined that I get time for me. Even if it's a puppy training class, or an afternoon to sew alone at home.

I've always said, my man is like a fine wine, it only gets better with age, little did I know, that it was so true.

Yes, we have our issues, he knows exactly how to push my buttons, and tick me as he says, everyone has to be good at something.

But lately, I don't know. He's very much the center of my world, and he can rock it to

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  1. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    You are probably right that he is coming into his own. I found turning 40 to be a real turning point. More self assured, know where I am headed and it did change my outlook on things.

    Enjoy it!