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Busy Morning!!!

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by , 09-10-2008 at 02:35 PM (1133 Views)
Today the carpet cleaning guys came in. And he convinced me to keep the carpets. yes, they show dirt more quickly than a darker carpet, but maintaining them is a once a year thing, and they clean easily and don't stain. He didn't suggest ripping them out yet.

I'd love to go with different flooring that would be $200-300 a year I"m not paying out, BUT, it would be a $3000 minimum to et it done..lol

SO I figure when we pay off the mortgage, we save for a year and then do an overhaul the way we want to... so 6 or so years and I can renovate the house to be what I want. Lots of time to plan and dream.

Other than paying the carpet cleaner, which was planned for 3 months, and giving dd9 $7 for her recorder at school, I've not spent anything the last 2 days. Satying home makes it easy to not spend.

I know many would disagree, but until we redo the mortgage next year, I'm not cancelling my cc's. This for some dumb reason reflects negatively on my cc rating, so I'll close them once the mortgage is renewed for another term. What is funny is I haven't activated the new cards. And don't plan too. I just keep paying them until $0 balance is achieved. I dont' carry them, I don't activate them. Next best thing to cancelling.

Only one active, the card expires next November, and it'll be paid off before then, then I won't have an active card at all. I'll likely keep one for ordering things online, paying for the trip we're planning in 3 years. But closing everything else. I have no need for it.

I sure wish my parents would have taught us better. But looking back, I think they were in the same boat we are now, but much, much, much worse. So it's hard to teach what you don't know. I have one child who just gets it. One who's gaining understanding. one is way little nad the other loves to spend...sigh. Hopefully she'll get it soon.

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