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Today's plans

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by , 09-11-2008 at 09:56 AM (901 Views)

I have to get things back in their places now that the carpets are cleaned. The house looks awesome. I SO want to get rid of the carpets on the main floor, but they clean so well, that I'll bear with them for now.

I'm making my shopping list. I need to spend some time looking in the freezer and meal planning from what i have there. I have a bunch of meat that needs to get used up. In fact, I'm going to pull a crock pot meal from there right away and get supper started in a few minutes.

I found a certified organic farmer, whose prices are amazing! A 1/2 side will cost me only $.10/lb MORE than conventional. I'm very excited! So I want to use up what I have in that freezer, defrost and give it a good cleaning so I can get the meat in October(hangs 3 weeks, then I get it). So we should be good. What I save in buying store meat over the next 3 weeks, will pay for most of that.

Today, I'll get that list made up. Put things away. This afternoon, I'll plan on making my cleaning plan. Need to get that done. And figure out how to keep things in order now that school is back. I find it easier with the kids in school. I need my chores and their chores set up so we can become a well oiled machine...LOL....right. Like that'll happen, but at least be able to keep up. Summer was hard and crazy!

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