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Still trucking!

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by , 04-27-2009 at 09:58 AM (1532 Views)
We are still working on challenges....

Freezer- haven't added anything to it, been eating consistently from it! I think with re-organization, I have enough room now for the beef! But am still not adding to it. Need to use up the older things in it.

4 weeks and only used the CC a couple times, 1 due to debit being down, and an online order. Balance owing: $0. Paid it off already. I am feeling so guilty when I use it, and know there's a balance on it! We have a big online purchase in about 3 weeks. I'm going to PAY it first. Then I don't need to deal with the I'm so silly.

Didn't get to put money in savings last week dh need to do repairs on the car, so the extra went there, but but better cash than credit card.

Dh worked a full week! That means I can put money aside to pay for the beef, it'll be a big chunk of what we need for it. And I'll hope and pray this week is a full week again, so that will bring us very very close to what we need.

Eating from the freezer right now is really cutting back on the grocery bill. This week, I think I'm at $80 for the week! Instead of the usual $150. I'm still adding to the stockpile too. And getting a few little goodies for the family. I do need to keep a proper inventory of the freezers I guess. I'm going to set aside the extra monies from groceries to pay for the bbq I want to get for dh for Fathers Day.

Speaking of which. FIL and MIL are going to pick it up for me. How can I sneak that in without him seeing. So they will pick it up and bring it out to the campsite(where we celebrate fathers day). ANd of course, doing the simple little female thing, so FIL feels important in the So he's over on the weekend, and brings a flyer, he tries to pull me aside to show me. Well, dh follows So now dh is suspicious.

So I had to lie to dh. Dh is having his 40th this fall, his brother and SIL are nagging about making it a big due, they want to go to Vegas. Well, dh is not like that, he is happy if his youngest child makes him a card and gives him hugs and kisses, unlike his brother who wanted all the bells and whistles. So, I told him his dad were asking about the 40th b'day, if dh really wanted to do something big. Dh bought And ranted that they should know I told MIL and she is ROFL. It's hard to sneak something on dh, he senses things. But I distracted him for now. Hopefully, FIL will get MIL to call, she's always calling about computer issues and talks to me about So that would be alot easier.

This weekend I also started a new product line. I can't wait to find a craft sale! These are going to be hot items, and inexpensive. I can't wait to try. So worked on my home business challenge too

The thing that didn't get touched was weightloss and exercise. Dr. W is going to scold me! LOL.. more verbal sparring coming, I'm sure. Great for the soul, he's so much fun. Too bad he's my Dr. I think him and his wife would be a blast to be friends with from what he says of her.

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  1. madhen's Avatar
    Sounds like you are making progress on all fronts!!

    Good luck with the new product! I always have fun when I come up with something, figuring out how to package and label it.
  2. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Yes, it does sound like you are making alot of progress.... You were so smart with the birthday celebration bit! Good for you!

    Isn't it nice not to have to use the credit card? Woo hoo!