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Groceries... groceries groceries

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by , 09-11-2008 at 02:59 PM (1287 Views)
So today, I did an inventory on the upright freezer. Meat is plentiful. So I'm refusing to buy any meat for the next 6 weeks. I want to use up what is in there. ThenI can defrost and sanitize it. Also, I will be ordering my 1/2 side of Certified Organic beef. I'm pretty pumped about that!

So, the meat part of my groceries is now taken care of.

Since starting to go organic, (as much as possible), my budget for 6 plus the daycare kids, has been about $175/week. Really that is only about $50 more than non organic was, and sometimes it's less!

Today, basing my menu on my freezer stock, my bill came to $80.05 after discounts. This included 8 days of suppers, lunch items, and dh candy(cheaper to just buy it there, than at the gas station). I do have to get some petit danone for dd4, cheaper at a different store by $1.50 and some lettuce(store today was icky) and possibly more fruit before next week is over. I tend to have to do one stop for fresh produce. So I'm going to tuck that $95 away toward purchasing then 1/2 side of beef.

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  1. Kaos Kitty's Avatar
    I'm just waiting to buy a freezer then I will buy a some bulk organic meat too! There was some good leads on local producers at the Farmers Market. Where do you source your organic meat?
  2. mommy4ever's Avatar
    I take flyers from the farmers markets. Look for produces who sell by the 1/2 or 1/4 that's the best savings.