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Keeping on track!

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by , 09-17-2008 at 10:37 AM (1245 Views)
I've only had to buy 1 snowsuit this week, actually needed 2, found only one. Snow will be coming soon. Groceries this week were $40. Due to awesome planning last week. This will last us until Saturday, when I do my regular shop.

I'll be planning that oe out in detail to, as it's a great saver! Using up lots from the freezer, most of my groceries are coming from the freezer for the last week, so it's slowly dwindling(that's the plan).

Tomorrow I should be able to transfer another $250 to the snowball. So right on track with my goal.

OH, I did have an unexpected expense though. Well, not un expected, but not thought of. We had to contribute $200 to dd11 team. The team isn't wanting to do fundraising, and in truth, I'm burnt out in fundraising activities, but we had an unexpected $600 come in(well, not unexpected, just forgotten). So that covered that, a team activity and money is sitting int he bank, as a cushion for further unexpected. Once I get paid if it's still there, I'll roll it into the snowball.

I have an interview on Friday, for a daycare opening in November. Hopefully I like the family, as I don't like doing interviews. I'm very picky. It works out better that way for me. Longevity in clients. So much easier.

Shortly, dd4 has her first dance class!! I'm so excited for her. She did dance last year and loved it. The instructor wanted to up her to a higher caliber class, but it wouldn't fit our schedule. It wasn't a money grab, either, as it was $2 more a month. Not big bucks, still more, but not like some that are $40-100 more a month. She's still little, i just want her to enjoy it and have fun. This is just that, no pressure, no competitions, no grading. All we need.

I'll be taking the afternoon off to go to kindergarten today.... it's kindercooking! This should be fun!

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