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Taking the steps!

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by , 05-20-2009 at 03:03 PM (1363 Views)
I have a real hard time approaching people about selling. I do very well with selling things at times. I can sell my home daycare, I'm always full with a waiting list. I can sell any car that dh wants to get rid of or MIL and Fil, etc.

But when it comes to my passions, I have a really really hard time. One would never know it, but I can write fiction works like nothing, the few privileged enough to read it, say it's publishing worthy. But do you think I'll even try to send it in? Not a chance. It's like my precious baby, I can't bear the though of rejection!

SO, building my small business up, is very very difficult for me. I share with a few people that know me well, dh scratches his head.... "Will anyone buy THAT?"... great help. A few others rave about it, but never offer to buy. Yet if I can drag my butt to a craft sale I do very well. it's getting to the sale.

Now craft sales around here are once a year. Well, more like one season. So I have been online, on the phone. I'm waiting for 2 applications, another is submitted to be juried, and I'm waiting.

Today I actually, promoted myself while at a used book store, she has asked that I bring in some samples for her to see. This is a good thing. And in truth, it was VERY very easy, but yet so very hard to bring myself to say something. So next week, I'll bring in a 1/2 dozen varieties and see what she has to say. The worst she can say is no, but if I don't do it, it's a guaranteed no. So today was a good day.

I also called and contacted an out of town craft sale that I participated at before, and will get the information mailed to me in early July. I loved that sale. If I don't get in there, there's a one day sale the same weekend that I did well at as well.

I'm planning on 4 or 5 sales this holiday season, and then will forage to find a few spring ones if such a thing exists..lol.

And I am preparing business cards that will go with every sale to get people to my website so that I can have year round sales too!

It is a little scary, but I have to take the steps out of my comfort zone to make this grow.

Still planning for the sales, I need the logo complete, banner, wardrobe planning, tags need to look professional, not my usually slobby self, presentation and booth planning. Wonder if I'm missing anything there.

I have a lot of potential for this, and of course, it'll morph into new products too. But this is something that sells itself. This week I have sold 1 bookmark by showing someone, and it turned around and sold 5 more. So it's a good solid product, I just need to get it out there.

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  1. IndigoMom's Avatar
    I say do go for it! You might even be able to find a consingment or craft shop where you could sell some things year round, plus you'll get your name out there more. During the holidays, the malls here rent kiosks and space for tables to crafters and the like as well. I was transferred to a store in the mall last year. First time I felt like I haven't spent enough time in malls ever, lol. I never knew.
  2. Debbie-cat's Avatar
    Step out of your comfort zone... I am sure you won't be disappointed!
  3. mommy4ever's Avatar
    But I'm SAFE in my comfort zone..lol.